On May 29, the DHQ reassured that there was no reason to worry and that they were ready to handle any potential problems with the handover

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Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters is prepared to stop any attacks during the upcoming inauguration and handover ceremonies on May 29.

Musa Danmadami talked to reporters in Abuja on Thursday. He told people not to worry about terrorists and bandits harming them during and after the May 29 handover ceremonies. Some states in the North had given intelligence reports that attacks could happen. But the armed forces will take care of it when the time is right.

He said that soldiers are fighting to get rid of bad people from the country. The soldiers did well and got rid of 53 terrorists, bandits, and kidnappers. They also arrested 269 people who helped the bad guys, stole oil, or were criminal herdsmen. This all happened in the past two weeks.

DHQ said that troops rescued over 125 people who were kidnapped by criminals in different areas. They conducted raids on the hideouts and strongholds of these criminals.

what he said.
In Nigeria, the police are the ones who respond first for safety inside the country. We help when someone asks for our help.

People threatened us before the elections, but we made sure that elections happened in every place in our country. People from other countries were afraid, but we dealt with the danger.

This will be the same as always. The army and spies are working all the time to stop criminals from carrying out their plans. There is nothing to worry about. Everything is okay. Police catch bad people and their weapons, and put them in jail to stop them from doing more bad things.

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