Obidiz is being sued for ₦2 billion by Mercy Chinwo because he used her name in a secular song

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Gospel singer Mercy Chinwo is suing hip-hop artist Obidiz for defamation of character and improper use of name and image.

Mercy Chinwo, Obidiz’s most recent hit, filed a lawsuit against him in response to the release of it.

As an illustration of a wayward club girl, the song’s singer used Mercy Chinwo.

“She did share the cake with me, but she refused to commit. Mercy Chinwo went to church, but Cardi B was at the club. “.

According to the gospel musician’s lawsuit, Obidiz used Mercy Chinwo’s name and image in secular music audio and video in a “Derogatory and Defamatory manner,” and he was given “Notice to Cease and Desist.”. “.

Obidiz is required to stop using Mercy Chinwo’s name and likeness moving forward, per the document.

Along with removing the song and promotional videos, he must also publicly apologize. Failure to abide by these requirements could result in a N2,000,000,000 fine.

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