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Seun Kuti Comes Down Hard On Yahoo Boys And Corrupt Politicians

Seun Kuti

Grammy-nominated Nigerian artist, Seun Kuti has taken to Instagram to slam internet fraudsters better known as ‘Yahoo boys,’. In his words, they are the legitimate children of corrupt politicians.

Kuti who is the son of the late iconic singer, activist and social critic, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti in his post lamented the fact that Nigerians appear to be paying more attention into criticising the works of Yahoo boys but the same level of energy is not directed at the corrupt activities of politicians in the country.


In one post, he writes,

“The yahoo boy is the legitimate child of the political and business elites. Our ability as Nigerians to pick and choose what criminals to hate and what criminals to jump and dance for is the reason we can’t develop especially when the criminals we shuck and jive for are the real devils.”

“Now you will make these oppressors use the people as an excuse to oppress the people. When police starts harassing all young people , na una go shout END SARS!!! I won’t let these people create an atmosphere where the harassment of young people will become acceptable!! Let’s go after the people creating the criminality!! Politicians and bankers and oil workers ROB ALL OF US EVERYDAY!! EVERY EFFING DAY. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS.#getthesax Why is this conversation hard to start. UNA DEY FEAR?”

He goes on to write,

“Stigmatize all Nigerian criminals, not just the yahoo boys. We’re criticizing yahoo boys but haven’t used our influence to ask all our bank MDs how Nigeria’s money is leaving the country.

Removing their titles and watching how they live can tell you the difference between a Nigerian political or business elite and a yahoo boy. Without political and corporate oppression, Yahoo Boys cant oppress us!.”

It would be recalled that he had recently alleged that westerners birthed social vices like female child subjugation and jungle justice in the country.

“We didn’t know anything about subjugating women until the whites came to teach us. They say we are male sovereignists, we hate our women, all with no historical backing.”

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