Nigerian Man Cries Out After He Found This Inside Medicine A Pharmacist Gave Him (Photo)

A Nigerian man has taken to his social media handle to cry out about what he found inside a medicine (ibuprofen) he bought for his sick younger brother. The man who was left in shock, expressed how disappointed he was after finding such thing inside the medicine that what sealed and packed to be sold to unsuspecting consumers. Watch shocking video;

According to the video; he said,

”Yesterday night, my younger brother was sick, so i got a medicine for him to take to feel better. While trying to give him the medicine and i looked properly, i saw hair inside the medicine.

We don’t know what is killing people in Nigeria. Everyday people keep dying of strange diseases, problems, everyday people keep dying and we don’t know what is killing them. The pharmacist said, he should take two and i found this. Please be careful in Nigeria.”

In a bid to create an awareness, he begged people to be wary of the drugs they buy and also warned sternly of the importance of checking the drugs they buy properly.

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