NDLEA (Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency) responds to a video clip showing people pretending to be officers with drugs which appeared again

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The NDLEA told people who make funny videos that they should not make fun of their officers.

Femi Babafemi, who is in charge of the media, said that a popular video of people wearing red jackets like our workers is not something new.

Four people were pretending to ride in a little bus. One of them had a drug called weed. They quickly followed the person who was recording, which made it seem like the NDLEA officials were caught doing something wrong.

On Tuesday, Babafemi said that the drug control organization denied the story from 2022 and told people to not believe it.

He was sad that a video made by Mathew C Eze, who lives in Lekki, Lagos, is back on social media.

The spokesperson said that people are asking if it’s real because something new has happened.

The NDLEA said that some social media people need to be more careful so they don’t confuse others.

The statement said it was bad that people were using police equipment wrong and making people think the wrong thing.

When people use official jackets to trick others and lie, it can cause problems.

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