Nasiru Idris is the winner of the governorship election in Kebbi

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The organization that manages voting in Nigeria called INEC has said that a person named Dr Nasiru Idris from a party called APC won the election to become governor of Kebbi State.

The person in charge of the governor election said that the APC candidate won by getting 409,225 votes while the other candidate, Aminu Bande from the PDP, got 360,940 votes.

The person in charge said that Nasiru Idris from the APC won the election to be governor of Kebbi State. He got 409,225 votes and followed all the rules.

Remember that the governor’s election happened on March 18, but INEC said it didn’t count because there was fighting and more votes than there should have been.

He said almost 96,000 people signed up for the extra election, but only about 40,000 were allowed to vote.

The APC got 20,967 votes and the PDP got 17,960 votes in the election.

APC got 409,225 votes and PDP got 360,940 votes. The person in charge said that there were 781478 good votes, 19082 bad votes, and 800560 votes in total.

The person in charge said that 39,244 votes were valid, 878 votes were not counted, and 40,122 votes were cast in the election.

Mr Festus Okoye, who talks to journalists for INEC, said that the result of the extra election in Kebbi proves that INEC can do the right thing.

He spoke something.
We want to do better than what we did in Kebbi State. We know that the people in Kebbi State will be happy with how their governor was chosen.

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