NAFDAC says that 40% of the chemicals used to kill pests in Nigeria are not allowed to be used in Europe

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NAFDAC is worried because some people are bringing harmful pesticides into Nigeria which have already been banned in Europe.
NAFDAC is concerned about the harm caused by using pesticides incorrectly. This can make our food unsafe and threaten our food supply.

The boss of NAFDAC, Prof Mojisola Adeyeye, warned people in a message that was written by the agency’s media advisor, Sayo Akintola.

I can’t rewrite the text without knowing what it says. Please provide more information or context.
The agency is worried about the dangers of pesticides. Some people, like Heinrich Boll Foundation, are concerned that 40% of the pesticides used in Nigeria are banned in the EU.

The government was warned that some countries might be sending unsafe pesticides to Nigeria and other poor countries. We focused on Chlorpyrifos and similar chemicals because they can hurt people, animals, helpful bugs, and nature.

NAFDAC’s job is to make sure that the things we eat, use on our bodies, and clean with are safe. They control how these things are made, brought into the country, advertised, sold, and used.

This means that they needed to check if all the pesticides and chemicals in a database were approved and not banned.

The agency told people about the results of their investigation during a three-day online meeting with interested parties.

The meeting talked a lot about stopping the use of certain substances.

After the meeting, they agreed that companies that import or make pesticides and agrochemicals should make plans to responsibly oversee their products after they have been sold. This includes doing research and making sure they are being used properly.

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NAFDAC will work with research centers to do studies and collect scientific data on pesticides. This will help NAFDAC make decisions and policies based on solid evidence. NAFDAC is going to be very careful and watchful after a product is sold. They will also teach people how to use pesticides safely and responsibly.

NAFDAC will work with other similar organizations like the Ministry of Agriculture and Standards Organization of Nigeria.

The agency will work with other groups like the National Environmental Standards and Regulation Enforcement Agency and Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service.

It means they are working together to make sure that rules for pesticides and farming chemicals are similar.

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