My Family Contrived Against Me To Vote For Peter Obi – Senator Umahi Affirms

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Representative David Umahi has uncovered that his family planned against him to vote for Diminish Obi of the Work Party without his information amid the presidential decision.
He unveiled this on Monday amid Channels Television’s meet.

He said it was shocking that President Muhammadu Buhari and the president-elect misplaced their states to the resistance parties at the February 25 surveys.

Concurring to him, the votes gotten by the LP amid the race were not since of Diminish Obi but or maybe as a-protest-votes due to Nigeria’s appearing hardship and challenges.

“In all trustworthiness, I didn’t deliver any chance to the Work Party to win any race in my State (Ebonyi State) since what we have put in put was such that no other political party ought to be able to win anything, not indeed Councilorship race in my State.

“I saw the Work Party vote as a dissent against my Party (APC) and the People groups Law based Party, PDP.

“I was exceptionally shocked; indeed in my family, there was a scheme against me. I did not know that they voted for Peter Obi, but within the other decision, they voted for APC because of what we’ve exhausted the State.

“It was not a vote for His Excellency Peter Obi. As such, there’s apparently hardship and challenges in Nigeria”,

He expressed.

Review that Tinubu vanquished Atiku Abubakar of the PDP and Diminish Obi to win the presidential surveys.

On the other hand, Umahi had clinched the Ebonyi South Zone Senatorial situate to speak to his voting public at the 10th National Get together.

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