Muslims Will Face Penalties If They Consume Food In Public During Ramadan, warns Kano Hisbah

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Muslims who are discovered eating in public while fasting will be dealt with, according to the Kano State Hisbah Board.

In order to protect people and property during the holy month of Ramadan, the board has also dispatched personnel to mosques.

Alhaji Ibrahim Lawan, the Board’s public relations officer, said this in a statement on Thursday in Kano.

In order to safeguard worshippers and their belongings from unpatriotic elements, the Hisbah corps will visit mosques during Iftar, Tarawih, and Tahajjud prayers, according to the board’s Commander-General, Dr. Harun Ibn-Sina.

“Those who indulge in social vices during this holy month will be dealt with. Some of the youngsters who consume food in public while fasting won’t be exempt either. “.

Ibn-Sina urged people to help orphans, the poor, and those in need by providing relief for their suffering.

As Allah (SWT) “opens the doors of paradise,” he claimed, feeding others during the holy month is rewarding. As a result, doing more good deeds was required to win Allah’s favor. ”.

According to Ibn-Sina, those in need may also be given money, clothes, food, grains, water, and other supplies.


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