More divided than during the Civil War, Nigeria faces a challenge in building its nation, according to Sanusi

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Since the Civil War of 1967 to 1970, according to Muhammed Sanusi, the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Nigeria has never been this divided.

He added that the integrity of public institutions had been called into question because of the elections, which had left Nigeria “dangerously divided along ethnic and religious lines.”.

“The people now have suspicions about policies, policing, judiciary, and the election umpire,” Sanusi said on Tuesday at the third Nigerian Leadership Colloquium in honor of Ituah Ighodalo, senior pastor of Trinity House in Lagos, who turned 62. “.

In the event titled “A new Nigeria: Leadership imperatives for radical growth and transformation,” the former governor of the CBN said that the country now faced the challenge of nation-building and that the economy was currently in a slump.

his words.
When I addressed the Kaduna Investment Forum in October 2022, I advised Nigerians to avoid voting for anyone who assured them that navigating Nigeria after 2023 would be simple. I truly did.

Since the end of the civil war, I don’t believe Nigeria has been in a more challenging situation. Building a nation is a challenge for us.

We live in a nation that has become dangerously divided along racial and religious lines.

“Unfortunately, we appear to be lacking in leadership and are dealing with a sluggish economy. “.

Beyond identifying the types of leaders the nation requires, according to Sanusi, it also needs to take a close look at the method by which those leaders are selected.

“No procedure is faultless. This is what the US and the UK have experienced. The populace ought to at the very least be aware of their voting options. The Electoral Act, 2022, needs to be examined much earlier than elections, in my opinion. We need a system that prevents people from simply showing up at party primaries and voting without being scrutinized by the public. Everywhere, this is what takes place. Voters must understand the issues on the ballot. They are required by law in other regions to take part in public discussions of policy issues.

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He continued, “This is the only country I know where we elect a President first before knowing if he knows what he is doing or whether he understands what the job is.”

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