LASTMA has added 500 more cameras to help manage traffic better

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The Lagos State Government gave 500 Traffic Management Solution (TMS) devices to LASTMA workers to make traffic management fairer and better all over the state.

Mr Bolaji Oreagba, who is in charge of LASTMA, said on Friday that they just finished training their staff for 21 days on how to use TMS devices.

Oreagba said that the government now has new technology to help with transportation problems in the state.

He said that some advantages are having a body camera to help manage traffic safely, along with many other benefits.

He thinks that ‘TMS’ body cameras will show the truth about what happened during a traffic stop for both the law enforcement officer and the driver.

He said that pictures, videos, and TMS can be helpful when looking into complaints made by upset drivers.

Oreagba said that police officers learned how to use the cameras properly.

He said that police officers can use the gadgets. He also said that having cameras on the road would make people less likely to be disobedient.

The process will be easy to understand for both police and drivers.

Oreagba said that recording and analyzing details would help resolve small arguments concerning breaking traffic laws at the Lagos State Mobile Court.

He reminded people, especially those driving, to follow traffic rules and pay attention to road signs in the state.

A worker from LASTMA named Mr. Olokodana Daodu, who did very well in the training, said the camera would help keep LASTMA officers safe.

Daodu said the camera will stop people who want to do bad things because they know they will be seen on the camera.

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He said thank you to the Lagos State Government for giving the Agency gadgets that will help them have less contact with drivers and passengers, especially if they are breaking traffic rules. This will happen when they are trying to catch people doing wrong things on the roads all over the state.

Oreagba said people who drive cars should call the agency if they notice anything or want to share their thoughts. They can use these phone numbers: 08100565860, 08129928503 and 08129928597

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