Kenneth Okonkwo: Ignorant propagandists are distorting my position regarding leaked audio

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In response to claims that he confirmed the leaked conversation between Peter Obi and David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church, Nollywood actor Kenneth Okonkwo responded on behalf of the Labour Party (LP) presidential campaign council.

According to reports, Okonkwo claimed in a statement on Sunday that the opposition was attempting to turn the conversation between the former governor of Anambra and the clergyman into a statement of faith.

Kenneth confirmed that the former governor did speak with the Bishop, but he clarified that Obi never made anti-religious remarks because his running mate, Datti-Baba Ahmed, is a Muslim. Obi only asked the Bishop to support spreading the message that all Nigerians have an equal stake in the country’s development because that is the impression the ruling party wanted to give.

In contrast, Okonkwo claimed in a statement shared on Instagram on Tuesday that his initial denial of the leak of the conversation was neither admitted nor denied.

He insisted that the rumors that he had proven were propagandists’ words, stating that he had only looked at the conversation’s content.

He claims that the Party is more focused on establishing a new Nigeria and winning back its legal mandate.

He uttered:.
“Normally, I don’t respond to the ignorant men’s tweets and chats that a lot of people have been making ever since the alleged audio tape was released by whoever, but this might keep them ignorant forever.

“Let me correct their ignorance. Re-read my chat or tweet to see if there was a confirmation, admission, or denial. These are not my words; they are theirs and the words of their propagandists. I merely examined the conversation’s content and discovered nothing improper. No one’s voice matters; it doesn’t matter who it is. That’s their business, so I don’t really care if anyone claims that I confirmed it or not.

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“I am actually bursting with joy that we will soon regain our mandate that will usher in a new Nigeria. Friends, don’t lose hope; God is in charge. God bless you all.

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