Jack-Rich is trying to make Nigerians less worried. He thinks Tinubu is very capable and has good plans

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Mr Tein Jack-Rich, who is running for president with the All Progressives Congress (APC), said on Sunday that everyone in Nigeria should show their support for the President-Elect, Bola Tinubu, by coming out to vote.

Jack-Rich spoke on the phone from Abuja to give a message of congratulations and good wishes to the Nigerian people.

He said that all Nigerians should come out in large numbers to support their new president because they have successfully gone through a big and steady change in their government.

I understand you might be sad and some people might feel hurt, but what we did was necessary for our country. We don’t need to be angry, we just need to show kindness and love.

The rich person who gives to good causes and works in the oil industry said that Tinubu should support the person who won the election for president. They think that all political groups should help the president-elect, no matter which group they belong to.

All Nigerians should unite and help our smart and creative president. He is going to gather talented people who will make things better in our country. We want to be respected among other countries.

Jack-Rich believes that Nigerians are determined to make their country better.

I believe that you have the ability to do it. Don’t be angry with me for my words. I said them because I believe that when the new president takes office, he will treat everyone fairly, regardless of their politics, religion, or background.

He asked everyone to work together for a peaceful inauguration on Monday. Tinubu is leading Nigeria, so everyone should feel safe and not worry about being left out.

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