INEC has announced that Fintiri has won the Adamawa governorship election

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The group in charge of elections has said that Ahmadu Fintiri, who is already the governor of Adamawa State, won the recent governor election there.

Mele Lamido declared Fintiri the winner of the Adamawa governorship election after adding up the extra election votes.

Aisha ‘Binani’ Dahiru, from the All Progressives Congress, got 398,788 votes, but Fintiri, the current governor and the candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party, won with 430,861 votes.

Do you remember when INEC said the Adamawa governor election on March 18 wasn’t finished and they couldn’t declare a winner?

The person in charge of counting the votes said that Fintiri got 421,524 votes and Aisha Binani, who was running for the All Progressives Congress, got 390,275 votes.

He said that the difference in votes between the two leaders is smaller than the number of people who could possibly vote in 69 areas where the voting was canceled, which is 37,016.

After the voting wasn’t finished, INEC chose April 15th as the new day to finish the election.

On April 15, there was another election in Adamawa.

At the announcement of the results for the supplementary election, there was an argument among people because the person in charge, Hudu Yunusa-Ari, declared that Binani won the election.

Yunusa-Ari said Binani won the election but the person in charge wasn’t there.

Lamido has the legal power to announce who won the election.

The REC did something that caused arguments because INEC stopped people from working and told Yunusa-Ari not to come to the office.

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