I Never Encouraged Anyone To Undermine Nigeria, Says Obi in Response to Treason Charges

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Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) candidate for president in the recently held election, has accused Lai Mohammed, the minister of information and culture, of misleading the international community about the real political situation in Nigeria.

According to Information Nigeria, the Minister warned Mr. Peter Obi not to incite people to violence over the results of this year’s presidential election during the Minister’s official interactions with some international media organizations.

The minister claimed that it was improper for Obi to call for violence on one side while seeking legal redress over the election results on the other.

“Obi and his vice, Datti Ahmed, cannot warn Nigerians that the country’s democracy will end if Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is inaugurated as president on May 29. This acts as treason. You can’t be encouraging rebellion, and that’s exactly what they are doing.

“Obi’s declaration is that of a desperate person; he is not the democrat he claimed to be. A democrat shouldn’t just have faith in democracy after an election, according to Mohammed.

But on Tuesday, the former governor of Anambra reiterated his commitment to following the law and seeking justice in court in a statement posted on his Twitter account.

The most recent campaign of defamation against me, according to Obi, was allegations made by the information minister Lai Mohammed of Washington, DC, in the last few days.

It is extremely regrettable that such high-ranking individuals are consistently trying to portray me in a way that is quite at odds with who I am and my core values. It is entirely malicious and fictitious of Minister Lai to accuse me of inciting an uprising.

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“I have never advocated for or discussed undermining the Nigerian government; I have never funded or preached against any such action.

“Those who are driving this have increasingly accused me of being guilty of falsehoods by using their official positions and agents. I have a history of supporting peace and issue-based campaigns, and I have never run for office based on my ethnicity or religion.

“I believe in the value of due process, and I’m currently asking the court for relief. I kindly request that those involved in this demarketing process refrain from painting Nigeria in such a negative light.

“Our future generations deserve a new Nigeria where they can live a safe and respectable life like their counterparts in other climes. There is a chance. “.

In response to Mohammed’s accusation of treason, Julius Abure, national chairman of the Party, stated that there is no foundation for that warning.

He claims that despite calls from his supporters for a massive protest, Obi has sued for peace.

“Our presidential candidate is a nonviolent, law-abiding individual. He made the choice to be peaceful and uphold justice despite the election being provocatively rigged. He has chosen to calm the situation down in order to give the legal system a chance, despite all pressure from our supporters to take to the streets to protest the results of the general election and to reclaim the mandate freely given to our candidate by the people.

“The only candidate with an issue-based campaign was the Labour Party’s nominee for president. Despite all provocation, the Labour party and its candidate were attacked in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and all other states in the federation. However, we’ve kept working to advance peace, said Abure.

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He claimed that the Minister of Information and Culture should refrain from making statements like this because doing so will bring bad karma.

Abure stated.
We believe that the APC should be reprimanded for using its spokespersons and other individuals to make provocative statements in an effort to create a ruckus. The majority of the warning is directed at APC members, officials, and spokespersons.

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