Ganduje is saying sorry to the people of Kano and asking them to forgive him

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The leader of Kano, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, requested that the citizens of the area forgive him.

The governor went to a mosque during Ramadan and said he will leave his job soon. He wants to say sorry for any mistakes he made.

He said that he had forgiven anyone who upset him and he wanted them to forgive him too.

I can now say that my time as governor of Kano state has ended. I am saying goodbye and I hope you have a good life.

Our religious leader has spoken about forgiveness for people we have hurt or upset. I forgive all of you. I forgive anyone who said bad things about me. Please forgive me. “Ganduje said thank you.”

In a religious study meeting, led by Sheikh Nasidi Abubakar Gorondutse, Ganduje shared, “I have worked for 6 years as a commissioner, followed by 8 years as a deputy governor, and currently 8 years as the governor of Kano state.” I need to say thank you to God for these good things.

During this long time, there are places where I did good things and places where I did bad things. Sometimes someone might do something wrong for you. He begged for your forgiveness for any bad things he did.

After the videos were shared on social media, many people in and outside of Kano state had strong reactions.

A few people forgave him, but others praised the governor for saying sorry.

Others said they would accept his plea only if certain conditions were met, while a small group said they would never forgive him.

A person named Mas’ud Abdulhamid said,

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We forgive you, your highness. May God forgive us too.

Reedwan Shagari spoke.

People in Kano will feel sad because a governor who was good and kind-hearted won’t be there anymore. Ganduje is still nice even though some people try to harm him, but he doesn’t let it bother him.

Yakuba Magaji Mani spoke.

“Where’s Abduljabbar, our religious leader? Let him go if you want us to forgive you.”

We forgive you, father. Mustapha Idris Abdullahi said, “I hope God makes you healthier.”

Mubarak Sani Lambu spoke.

People of Kano, please forgive and forget. Let’s forget about the wrong things Baba Ganduje did and choose to forgive him.

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