Following a protest, MC Oluomo bans illegal agbero taxes in some areas of Lagos

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Chairman of the Lagos State Parks and Garages Association Musiliu Akinsaya (Mc Oluomo) has intervened in the conflict in the state between commercial drivers and agberos (highway tax collectors who target commercial drivers).

One of the drivers informed FIJ that Mc Oluomo had prohibited the agberos’ illegitimate taxes.

When we met with him at the state council this afternoon, Mc Oluomo informed us that no driver from Oshodi to Tollgate must be required to pay illegal agbero taxes any longer, he told FIJ.

“We are only allowed to purchase two tickets per day; following that, we will only be required to pay loading fees.

The typical ticket cost, as determined by the Lagos State Park Management, is N800.

“He claimed that the additional taxes levied at Iyana Ipaja and Agbado Ijaiye were no longer valid. Either Oshodi or the Tollgate are acceptable places for us to purchase our daily tickets.

The council ticket and security booking, which cost about N500, will be purchased after that. “.

He added that Akinsanya had promised to stop collecting fines on Saturdays and Sundays in order to appease the drivers who had been wronged.

No driver should be required to purchase tickets on Saturdays and Sundays for weekend employment, Mc Oluomo has ordered, the man claimed.

“Only from Monday to Friday should the union force us to purchase tickets. It should be possible for us to bring something back to our families.

“He gave N1 million to those who suffered injuries as a result of the attack on the protesting drivers. Those who were hurt and those whose property was stolen, he said, should both receive treatment.

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“I’m overjoyed. Tomorrow, with little to no agbero disruptions, we are to resume work.

No longer are there oppressive taxes. Compared to the N20,000 we previously paid, the total amount we must pay each day is just a little under N2,500. “.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Idowu Owohunwa, addressed the drivers on Thursday morning and said that the agbero problem was not unique to them.

There are residents of the state who are also impacted by this problem, not just you. If you can choose representatives to address the state council on your behalf, that would be great, he said.

“This is preferable to protesting in the streets, where it might be taken over by criminals. “.

In Lagos, a demonstration against agbero taxes descended into violence, according to FIJ. While some agberos attacked the protesters with machetes, police are said to have fired shots at them.

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