Festus Keyamo said he doesn’t need money from the government to purchase property in the US in response to people who were criticizing him

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Festus Keyamo, who helps with work and job issues in Nigeria, explained some information about a house he reportedly bought in the United States.

Information Nigeria said that many people on social media were excited when they saw the Minister in front of a building in the US.

On Saturday, Keyamo said on Twitter that he didn’t use stolen money to buy the house. He said he earned the money by working as a lawyer.

The main person talking for the group that wants to win an election said he only showed a video of his vacation in another country to make the people who lost the last election upset. He was exercising in the video.

Keyamo said they were fooled very badly and they think that everyone is as immoral as them.

Keyamo said that he told the government agencies about his foreign savings and brought the money back to the country. He had saved this money over many years working as a lawyer and investing in property. This is how he got the property.

Keyamo had money from other countries in his bank account until he became a Minister in 2019.

“He said.”
In 2021, I wrote a letter on January 22nd to the government agencies to tell them that I moved some money out of the country to buy a property. I did this because it’s a better investment than letting the money sit in my account while I work in public office.

The important lawyer from Nigeria said he laughed when he saw people talking about one of his houses in the US. Some people didn’t think he could have it because he’s been a lawyer for 30 years.

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Keyamo said that people did not value him enough because he lives a simple life and does not show off his riches.

He said that the building is one of his least expensive properties.

He said that it’s more profitable for him to run his successful law business and invest in real estate than to work for Nigeria.

He said that we lovingly work hard for our country.

He said proudly that some of us can survive without help from the Government.

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