Sleepless I am in my room Alone with my thoughts, Is this how I will continue to live? Having lost my father at a tender age Mom who is supposed to be there for me Seem not to care about my existence, Always out on business trips Leaving me behind with her new husband All I ever know about being a girl child Were all learnt from school All thanks to Home Economics practicals, I wonder if I will be able to cook ordinary noodles My step-father does not even bother He buys his food from eateries While I eats whatever I cook myself Lack of parental care is killing me slowly And it was my school’s anniversary When a motivational speaker was invited Then,she talked to us about Virginity And the importance of keeping it safe till Marriage Her words really got me So,I decided within me That come what may,the deal is sealed Till my wedding night Years passed by, Mom still never stopped traveling everyday Leaving her only daughter behind Believing she will sort herself How time flies! I’m now in my final year in high school Preparing for my Senior School Certificate Examination Feeling happy and fulfilled Remembering I haven’t broken my promise to myself To keep my Virginity till Marriage Then,on one unfortunate night After taking a cold shower I lay on my bed to put my body to sleep Having turn off the lights Then,suddenly I felt a grip on my legs With the other hand caressing my innocent body Frightenly I screamed, Wondering who it could be! Then I got the shock of my life When the lights were turned on Lo and Behold, It was my step-father He held a knife to my neck Threatening to kill me if I dare shout Beseeching me to cooperate As he rip me of my pride Oh!My virginity! My dignity! My pride! I cried! My heart bleeds bitterly As hot tears roll down my cheeks Painful as hell I felt,the joy of womanhood is gone I wish it was all I dream While struggling with different thoughts in my mind, Amidst the pains I felt, I silently cursed my step-father And began to regret the day I was born It continued like that for years Despite being harassed and assaulted, My step-father never stopped threatening me Vowing to kill me if I ever dared tell anyone Putting up courage to tell mom is like… Setting ablaze rubber with petrol Instead of listening to my plight Hold on girl,I will see you when I’m back will be her reply Not knowing her dearest husband Has ruined her daughter’s life! So,I decided to keep mute As my step-father never stopped assaulting me So,I gained admission into University He made sure it was the one closer to us So that I won’t have to leave home That’s so thoughtful of you darling Says Mom, My heart bleeds in silence As I watch her ruin me with her negligence Now,I’m fully grown… At 23,I’m a graduate of Accounting Mom is no longer a kid either She decides to start a business at home As she’s tired of the stress of traveling Being a first class graduate, Securing a good job wasn’t hard at all Now,she wants me to get married After her husband has ruined my life I wept like it was the end of life As I remember the day I was torn apart When my step-father forcefully took my pride This stigma will never go Bring back my pride I screamed!! Then I began to thrash out the whole thing to her In the presence of her so-called husband She began to cry and plead my forgiveness “BRING BACK MY PRIDE I CRIED” SAY NO TO RAPE
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