I am a very young girl
With plenty ambitions
My dreams are taller than me
So,are my aspirations

Each time I look at the mirror
The only competition I see
Is my ambitious self
I’m constantly stucked

On how to become a better person daily
Thoughts of how to make momma proud
Will never elude my mind
I just wanna be the reason she smiles

And so,someone told me
She has all the best dress in town
Guess what my response was?
I confidently replied her

That I have a dream that can buy
Both the wears and the owner
Of course,I know I’m not stopping soon
Until I make that dream a reality.

So far,The goal never changes
Which is to smile forever
Come what may,
I will never do anything

That will bring disrepute to my name
I just wanna make my lovers proud
And be a better role model
I know God gat me always.

You may see me as a small girl
But what lives in me
Is greater than anything you can imagine
Don’t look down on me

I will be great
You may ignore me today
But I can promise you
Before you can see me in future,

You will have to sign a lot of documents,
You will have to pass through a lot of protocols,
You will have to go through a lot of stress
Then,at the end of it all

I will tell you,
I never knew about your existence
Never look down on me
Never underrate my ability

Don’t you ever belittle my dream
Cos I’m striving hard everyday
And I’m not stopping soon
I will be great someday.

Poem by;

Comr. Adukeade (OOU NAPSS VP)✍