Friendship means different things to different people, and most times genuine friendship are difficult to come by. A video of a group of friends faking a friend arrest to wish him a happy birthday has been making rounds on social media. We captured the wonderful moment his friends surprised their friend on the eve of his birthday.Watch the video after the cut…


These friends had paid some policemen with to fake his arrest while he was in his shop doing his business. The policemen came around his shop and then accused him of kidnapping somebody, went further to reveal to him that it had happened a long time ago. They then asked him that he will have to follow them to the station to write a statement, but he insisted that he wants to lock up his shop.

An argument ensued as the policemen refused and insisted he goes with them to the station to make a report, refusing to oblige, the issues escalated While the policemen were beginning to drag him, a lady who’s a friend of the man came from behind with a cake and shouted ‘Happy Birthday’.

The man stunned by such dramatic birthday entry was speechless as he was yet to recover from the shock in got. His buddies came out and everyone observed in the gathering shouted Happy Birthday. He let out a sigh and started laughing/ The policemen were praised for a task well done as they rejoiced with them.