tiwa savage

Tiwa Savage was blunt with the ladies in her new memo Instagram where she talked about how women keep their relationships which she dubbed as “the mindset of Nigerian ladies.”

Tiwa Savage hit the nail on the head by stating that 90percent of ladies have nothing to offer their partner in a relationship other than sex.

She further stated that men do not only require sex to keep them going, but prayers and motivations.

She said: “if we remove sex from relationship you will discover that most of we ladies have nothing to offer in relationships, search your conscience, what else do you offer aside from s8x?”

Also stating that some ladies go into relationships to earn financial opportunities, she said:

“Remove money from a relationship and you will discover that over 90% of ladies won’t see a reason to be in a relationship.

“We want our men to take care of us but we add no value to their life other than sex and troubles. Lets change our mindset, lets learn to be valuable in a relationship. lets pray for them while they are down. Motivate them to hustle harder, give them listening ears.”

Tiwa, one of the most talked about female entertainers in Nigeria, has overtime earned much feats for herself in the music industry.