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Story: The Midnight Epic… Part 36

 had been counting on the fact, perhaps she’ll
get over me after the long holiday.
I dialled her number, with only one motive, to
get rid of her.
“Good evening”
“Jeff, Jeff” she said while laughing.
“What’s funny?” I asked
“You left without even Informing me, and while
at home, you couldn’t even call me”
I kept quiet
“But I forgive you” she added.
“Come over to my place, or I’ll come over to
your place, so all your friends can see, how
you’re Fvcking an older woman”
That was really something I wouldn’t want to
experience, The last time she visited, I had a
quarrel with Jennifer.
I dressed up and left for her place.
I was scared, what if I clashed with Grace,
What would be my excuse?
I got to her really enormous house.
I stood by the gate, to inform her of my
She must have also called her gateman to tell
him to let me in, Because just few minutes
later, he opened the Gate and asked me to go
I met her in the sitting room, watching a TV
She smiled at me and asked me to sit down, I
sat down, she brought juice for me, and asked
me about my holiday and how my life was
going on.
“Do you know I can rap?” she asked.
“You can rap?” I had been frowning all along,
but the thought and imagination of her
rapping made me burst into laughter.
she stared at me for a couple of seconds.
“you don’t believe me?” she asked.
“of course I believe you” I replied, mockingly.
“No you don’t”
She stood up and walked toward her CD
collections, she chose one and played it.
It was a 2pac song titled “Me and my
She rapped along, all through the whole rap,
as in, from the beginning till the end.
A five minutes hip hop song, I stood there
listening in disbelief.
She didn’t even miss a word.
“I love 2pac’s Songs” she said, immediately
the song was over.
“You are incredible!” I said.
“What else can you do?” I asked
She came over to where I was, sat on my laps.
“I can have a Good time with you” she said
then k!ssed me, I k!ssed her back.
I was beginning to find her irresistible, and
that’s not a very good thing.
we k!ssed for about ten minutes, while she sat
on my laps, she wasn’t very heavy.
She took off my T-shirt and undid my belt.
My rod was half way erect, she took it in her
mouth, then used her thumb and index finger
to wrap her hand around it.
She stared at me in the face, while she
performed the mind blowing b.lowjob.
I supported her head with my hand, pushing it
up and down on my rod.
In a minute later I was returning the favour,
licking her ¢lits on the couch, while she
moaned, she continuously slapped the couch,
probably out of the immense pleasure.
my tongue was manipulating her ¢lits, while
using two of my fingers to fingerfvck her.
A moment later, she shivered as she Pour.
she still had her dress on, so she took it off.
I slid my d!ck into her ¢unt, and began
thrusting In and out, both my hands were on
the backrest, her legs were wrapped around
my waist. while I banged liked my life
depended on it.
Her eyes grew bulgy, as she climaxed over and
I eventually climaxed too, but I didn’t stop
thrusting, I continued into the Second round,
I think cumulatively, I spent over an hour
thrusting in and out of her p*ssy in different
I pleased her to the full, we hit the shower
together, she wanted a third round in the
bathroom, but I was completely tired, so I
When I first had $£x with her, the previous
semester, I felt an unbearable guilt, but now I
felt fine.
I left her place for home, she wanted to drop
me off, but I turned it down.
when I arrived home, I met Jennifer at the
entrance of Ibro’s room, she ran toward me
and hugged me.
“Jeff, I miss you” she said.
“I miss you too Jennifer, where is Ibro?” I
I walked into Ibro’s room, we sat all three of
us, chatting and laughing.
Ibro made both of us laugh, with his funny
experiences over the holiday.
And he wasn’t even laughing along.
I had really became famous in the school, I
made new friends and got lots of Green lights
from several ladies, but I was just one person.
A lady walked up to me and invited me to her
birthday party, I accepted the card, but I knew
i wouldn’t be opportune to honour it.
I was walking pass, chemical Engineering
department, when I met Grace.
The funny thing was, I neither called her nor
heard from her, since the day we had $£x.
She probably admired my performance on the
day of the dance competition and made it a
commitment to have $£x with me.
We greeted and hugged. A very silly instinct
popped up in my head
“Grace there’s something I want to tell you” I
“What’s that? she asked
“It’s about your mum and I”
“She glanced at her phone and looked at me
“If its about the fact that you’re s——g her, I
already know”
“You already know?” I asked, shocked.
“Yeah, she told me.” she said.
“Jeff, I just hope you know what you’re doing,
see you around” she said and walked away.
I wiped my forehead with my handkerchief and
left too.
Two days later, I was In my apartment, doing
nothing relevant. I got a call from Sandra, she
had arrived, I was very happy.
I quickly dressed up and left for the motor
Tracing her wasn’t difficult, I met her standing
on a platform, with her luggage by her side, I
walked toward her and hugged her, not
without a few kisses too.
We hopped into a taxi and left for her place, it
was a twenty minutes drive.
I pulled her luggage into her apartment, her
apartment was just as dusty as mine was,
when I first arrived.
she sat on the bed, I sat beside her, she asked
me to tell her about my holiday, I did,
skipping the Eroti¢ parts of course.
“I almost died during the holiday” she said.
“What do you mean by that?” I asked, my
heart already beating faster
“Hmm, My sister and I went to the market to
purchase some things, thirty minutes after we
left, a petrol tanker lost brakes and collapsed,
and guess what, it was at that same spot we
were at” she said.
I just stood staring at her.
“It just dawned on how horrible I would feel, if
anything happened to her”
“Even God wouldn’t let you live me all alone in
this messed up planet” I said.
She began laughing, I wasn’t laughing at all.
unknown to her, she wasn’t the only one who
had a near death experience.
We kissed for about eight minutes, I thought
she was gonna take it further, instead she
withdrew her lips and said.
“You and I will be going to church together,
tomorrow” she said.
“You mean you were planning for tomorrow
while we were k!ssing?” I said.
She laughed, pulled me closer and k!ssed me
“Sorry, but am serious, you and I will be going
to church tomorrow, as a couple.”
“Alright, You must be hungry, let’s go grab
something to eat” I said
“That’ll be after I take my bath” she said.
She left to take her bath, while I lay on the
bed with my back, she came out of the
bathroom with just her towel wrapped around
her chest.
I had never really noticed how deadly $£xy she
was, I stared at her upper thighs, which was
very light in complexion, then a portion of her
I don’t know if she did it intentionally, but I
was in her bedroom.
And my d!ck was beginning to give me away.
“I’ll be in the sitting room” I said as I walked
out of of the bedroom to give her space.
“She giggled”
I got to the sitting room, just scouring the
internet, for more enlightenment on a subject
we treated the previous day.
She came by twenty minutes later, in a very
pretty dress.
We left to our favourite restaurant.
We talked and ate, she really had lots of tales
to share from her holiday.
we left the restaurant and left back to her
I stood outside, while she stood by the
she came down and we k!ssed, while the taxi
driver watched.
I left her and took the same taxi home.
The following day, I woke early, dressed up,
and left for Sandra’s place.
“I thought you wouldn’t come?” she said.
“Why not?” i asked
“I don’t know, you just didn’t seem like you
loved the idea”
“of course I do, what gives me more joy than
flaunting your beauty to the world”
“She laughed and amidst laughter she said.
“Jeff, you are so good with words”
I took it as a compliment. Her apartment was
now in order, all the dust and cobwebs were
Sandra fellowshipped with “Assembly of God’s
church” it was close to her apartment, so we
We sat beside each other in church as the
pastor preached, his words really moved me,
and I realised how I had been spiritually
The service was over, Sandra exchanged
gestures with people she was acquainted with,
and introducing me to a few.
We eventually left the church and walked
home, with hands intertwined.
“How was the service?” she asked
“I love it”
“hahaha, we should do this often” she said.
We got home, to her home, precisely. she
prepared food and we ate.
We kept chatting, with Sandra, we never run
out of things to talk about, I opened up to her
much more than I did with anybody else.
I stayed there till evening Before I left.
The following day, being Monday, I got a call,
it was Mr Johnson, the company man.
“Mr Jeffrey!”
“Good morning sir” I greeted.
“Morning Jeff, are you still interested in what
we talked about?”
“Yeah sure, I was just trying to settle before
contacting you” I replied.
“Okay, can you be at my office, in an hour
My Monday lectures commenced by 11am, so
I could afford it, I thought.
I arrived his Company, I still had knowledge of
where it was located.
I met his secretary, she called him over the
phone to inform him.
She later asked me to go in, I walked into the
I met Mr Johnson along with a guy and three
They were to be my fellow colleagues.
To Be Continued…..



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