Story: The Midnight Epic… Part 24


Story: The Midnight Epic. Part 24

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couldn’t lie to Sandra, because there was no other potent reason to why I would stay back in school when everyone else was leaving.
So I had to tell her the truth.

“The friend I was speaking to when you called earlier on, said she would be coming over to write post utme, so that’s the reason why I would be staying back.”

Sandra knew I was telling the truth, but from her facial charisma, one could tell, she didn’t really like the idea.
her reply was “Okay”

The following day, which was the day, most students would be taking off, Sandra and Ibro Inclusive; I accompanied Sandra to the Motor park, together with Ibro.
So Jennifer and Ibro were together in the park, while I was with Sandra, pulling her luggage.
I insisted on paying her transport fare, she declined, I begged her to let me pay, she didn’t. At the end I just gave up.

But I got her some edibles, and handed them over to her, I was glad she accepted them.
Sandra and I were Standing, waiting on other passengers to complete the required Number.
I noticed Amarachi standing, afar off, precisely where Abia Buses are.
She was standing with a Guy, their hands all intertwined as they talked and laughed.
She later noticed me, she excused herself from the guy and began walking towards us.

A great part of me was scared, but I decided to keep calm.
“Hi Jeff” she said as she approached us.
“Hi Amarachi” I replied

“Amarachi, this is my girlfriend, Sandra” I said pointing to Sandra.
“Sandra right? Jeff has told me so much about you” Amarachi said as she extended a hand to Sandra.
Sandra blushed.
Amarachi later left.
“What have you been telling her about me?” Sandra asked, turning to face me.

“Well, about how much you mean to me and how incomplete I am without you” I said. with my hands deep in the side pockets of my Cardigan

“Wow!” she said.
She moved forward and k!ssed me, in the presence of a lot of people In the park, which were mostly students
And it wasn’t just a brief k!ss, she took her time.

“Hmmm, what was that for?” I asked.
“I’ll miss you” she replied.

I think her trust for me increased when Amarachi made that Statement, that statement shaved away all the thoughts or possibilities of Amarachi and I having any indecent Affair.

Sandra got into the bus, the bus was about to zoom off, she waved at me through the closed transparent glass window.
I saw drops of tears going down her cheek.

I could have taken bike home, but I decided to walk, A lot was going through my mind.

My life in school became really boring, everywhere was quiet, a few other guys, stayed back too, as they would also be having visitors.
Linda arrived on the 30th of July, two days to her exams.

I went to the motor park to wait for her.
She looked hot, I could barely identify her.
She was walking towards me, I pretended to be looking elsewhere trying to trace her.
“Hey she said!”
I opened my mouth in amazement
“Linda! Look at you, you look even better than the last time I saw you” I said with my hands spread out and my eyes glaring at her from head to toe.
I took her to my place, she took her bath and I took her out,to a restaurant, that was about 6pm.

“Is this a date?” she asked
“A date? Nah, I have a girlfriend”
My response saddened her a bit, she kept quiet as we both ate.
She kept giving me Monosyllabic replies.
We arrived home, my bed was big enough, even for three.
I had earlier anticipated $£x, but considering her present mood, I was sure nothing like that was gonna happen.

We both lay on the bed, with eyes open, if anything was going to happen, I wouldn’t be the one to invoke it, that was my resolution.
And she didn’t make any move either.
so we both slept off.
I woke up the following morning, to an aroma of egg being fried, it was breathtaking.
I was about getting off the bed, Linda came out of the kitchen, with a spoon in her hand.
“Morning Jeff”
“Please stay on the bed, I want to serve you breakfast”

I was a little jittered, her present attitude didn’t in anyway rhyme with her previous Disposition.
But I have to brush my teeth I replied” I said
“Thats right, I missed that” she replied.
I washed my mouth, and we both had breakfast together. it was delicious. I complimented her cooking.

I was a Biochem Student, and Linda wanted to study Pharmacy, the post utme combination was the same, she insisted I thought her a few things and explain to her what the exam was like.
Which I did, all through the day.
To be honest, she was a smart chap, she kept getting the words out of my mouth.
Night came, nothing still happened.
The following day, she dressed and left for the exam, it was a Computer based exam,Graded in 100%.
The results gets released 3-4 hours after the exam.
Linda came back my 3pm.
I had earlier prepared a meal for her, she ate and was totally restless, eager to see her result.

by 6 pm, we walked to a cafe, there were already lots of students there, we stood there till, it was our turn.
Linda handed her registration number to the guy.
He checked it, and turned around to look at Linda, her score probably Surprised him.

“What’s my Score” Linda Asked, staring at the Computer Screen.
78% he replied.
Wow! she hugged me out of joy.
In my own time I had 60%.

That night we almost killed each other with $£x.