The Midnight Epic… Part 23


The Midnight Epic Part 23

If you missed part Twenty Two read it HERE!!!

“Are you guys dating or something?” I asked
“No,” Capon said as he sat.
We’re just having fun.

Rita didn’t say a word since I arrived, she quietly left for the bathroom.

Capon later excused himself to go pay his light bills.
Rita came back.
“You never told me you guys have been Fvcking each other, you’ve slept with 2pac, flexy and Shayo too?

“Jeff, what’s wrong with you, what do you take me for?”

I didn’t really know why It was hurting me that she was getting banged.
“But I was beginning to fall for you” I said.

She looked away.
“You and I both know you have other girls” she said.

I kept quiet, didn’t reply, we just sat there watching the boring Nollywood movie, that was playing.

She was really right, I was acting like a teenager, who found out his Crush was actually getting crushed by someone else.

A week later, I was completely through with my examination.
I had not heard from Amarachi, Since our last encounter.

Grace’s Mum, Mrs Vivian, had been calling on me to come Spend some time with her. I had been avoiding her, using my exams as an Excuse.
“Don’t travel without seeing me” she kept emphasizing the last time we Spoke.

I met Jennifer in the hall way, she was still Ignoring me.
“Jennifer we need to talk” I said
“Talk? about what”
“you’ve been ignoring me”
“what did I do wrong?” I added

“what did you do wrong?What kind of guy sleeps with his Girl’s Mum. You’re a Great guy Jeff, how could you do such a thing”

I stood there not knowing what to say.
She walked away, I stood there for some seconds, her voice kept reverberating in my head.

I was in my room, Ibro came around, and informed me, he’ll be traveling the following day.

I got a call, immediately he left. it was Linda.
“Hey Linda, wad up?” I said, as I picked the call

“Hi Jeff, how are you doing?”
“Am fine” I replied.

“I just called to further remind you” she said
“I’ve not forgotten, you see most of my Friends will be leaving, but am staying back for you”

She laughed and said
“Thank you”
During the call, I saw an incoming call from Sandra, I answered it once I ended the call with Linda,

“Hello my Love” I said
“Who were you talking to?” Sandra replied.

“Just a friend” I said,
“A guy or a girl?” she asked

“Sandra why are you getting all nosy on me?” I said.
“A guy or a girl” she repeated.

“A girl”.
She kept Quiet for some seconds
“Jeff ave been trying to ask you something”

my heart skipped a beat.
Because I knew whatever it was, it wouldn’t be Good.
“What’s that?”

“I want you to be very honest with me” she added
“Did you sleep with the Girl that kissed you In the theatre?”

“What?” I said and ended the call.
An hour later, Sandra came by
“Am sorry, I didn’t know what came over me” she said while sitting on the bed.

I was standing.
“What did you take me for, Sandra?” I said, looking deep into her eyes.

“Am sorry,” she said again
“you’re making me feel bad”

“That’s not my aim dear” I said as I sat beside her.
“you have to learn to trust me”

“She pulled me close and k!ssed me” I didn’t see it coming.
“Well I’ll be leaving tomorrow” she said.
“What about you, when are you going home?”

“Around next week” I replied.
“Next week?What will you be doing in school?”