Story: The Midnight Epic… Part 22


The Midnight Epic Part 22

If you missed part Twenty One yesterday read it HERE!!!

She took my d!ck in her mouth, I raised my head to the ceiling immediately she did that.
I was thinking whether to support her head with my hand and move it up and down on my d!ck. But I didn’t.

After Minutes of Giving me the B.lowjob, She stood up, wiped the saliva off her mouth, sat down back on her seat.
I Stood there like an Abandoned log of wood, not knowing what to do.
“Come over to my house, 7pm, today” she said with a Smile.

I dressed up.
“What about Grace?” I asked

I don’t really, know why I felt imbibed to have $£x with her, I don’t know if I found her Attractive, or $£xy, or its the shame of she walking in to find me Nailing her daughter.
She wasn’t just asking asking me to sleep with her, it wasn’t a Request; She didn’t make it look like I had an Option to refuse.

And I Couldn’t say No to her.

“I’ll figure out a way to keep her off the house” she said, as she Steered a little on her Mobile Chair.

I walked out of her office, I Called Ibro to inform him, Everything was alright.
I realised I had just gotten into a huge mess, I cursed the day I met Grace.
I arrived home, still upset, I got home, I walked into Ibro’s room, Jennifer was there too.

“Why are you Moody?” Ibro asked.
I sat on his couch, beside Jennifer while Ibro was on the bed.”

“One of my babe’s Mother wants me to sleep with her” I Said.

Ibro began Laughing Incessantly, even Slapping the bed in the process, he laughed with tears flowing.

I chuckled a little, and joined him laughing,
“What’s funny?” I asked, Jennifer was laughing too.

Jennifer looked at me, with a serious look on her face.
“Do you want to do it?”

“I don’t know” I replied.

“Bang her, Bang the hell…”
Ibro paused when Jennifer gave him a Stern look.

“How would you feel if a friend of yours bangs your Mother?” she asked me.
“What? Don’t go there please” I said looking away.
My mother can’t Stoop that low.

Do the right thing Jeff. She said.

Jennifer Believed a Great part of me wanted to Nail Grace’s Mother.
Maybe she was right!.
But I liked the way she talked to me, because what I needed at that moment was someone to scold me and tell me all the right words.
I eventually made up my mind not to Visit her or have any $exual encounter with Both Grace and her Mum.
I switched off my Phone, when I got to my room.
I ate and began reading for my Next examination.

I was watching a Movie by 6pm. I heard a knock on my door, I opened the door.
It was Grace’s Mum, my eyes grew bulgy out of shock, I didn’t believe what I was seeing.
“How did you get…” She hugged me, thereby interrupting me. That’s when I Noticed Ibro and Jennifer standing by their door.

Jennifer Shook her head, in a way saying.
“Don’t do it Jeff”

She walked in and sat on the bed, She was wearing the same Suit top and trouser.
“But how did you get my Address?” I asked.

She leaned on her left hand, while she laughed.
“I had second thoughts, I figured you might not want to see me again, so I followed you to know where you Live”

“But Jeff, I just want to make you my $£x friend,” nothing more, she said.

I was standing there in my shorts with arms crossed.
I don’t how people’s $£xual Urge can manipulate them so deeply.

What may I offer you? I asked.
“What could you possibly offer me” she said, laughing.
“look at the dungeon you live in” she was still laughing.
“Now you’re going to insult me?”

“No dear” she said, as she walked to where I was, She held my waist and kissed me, I kissed her back.

My Joystick was already very visible, as it created a bulge.
Sh Slid her hand into my shorts and held my Joystick while we still kissed.
She could kiss, I would give her that.
“do you you have soul music?”, she asked.
I powered on my phone and connected it to my Speaker.
She dragged me to the bed, and pushed me onto it, I fell on the bed.
She took off her clothes, leaving her b.ra and her p@nts.
Her perfume filled the room, entirely.
I laid on the bed, she spread her legs and sat over me.
then slowly, unhooked her b,ra.

Grace takes after her Mum in many things, But definitely not in B°°bs.
her b°°bs were so yellow and bursty.
All those little voices telling me to Resist this, fled.
As I now wanted it as badly as she did.
I sat up and sucked her beautiful b°°bs.
“Yes baby” she kept saying while I sucked.
I later took off her p@nties, for her Age I would say her p*ssy was Good looking.
I licked her ¢lits, her moans indicated I was doing it right.

I stretched my hands under my bed and brought out a ¢ondom and was about to tear it open when she collected It from my hand and flung it away.
“I want you raw” she said.”
“You have nothing to worry about” she added.

I slowly Slid my D!ck in and began thrusting, She moaned loudly, she clearly hadn’t had $£x in a long time.
She kept supporting my @ss with her hands, to enhance the rhythm.

“Is that how you Fvck?” she asked.
“you want speed?” I asked
“yeah, faster plzzz” she said.

I increased my pace, Usain bolt wouldn’t beat my speed.
she pulled the sheets as she moaned.
After about 5 minutes.
She said something Scary.
“Baby put it in my @nus.”

I hesitated for a Moment, Is this woman really serious, personally I had never been with any lady who requested for @nal
“I said put it there” she Repeated

I pulled my d!ck out of her V*gina and slowly, tried to insert it in her @nus.
It wasn’t easy, as there was much friction.
To wrap it up, we had @nal $£x which she happened to like a lot.
Personally, @nal was my last resort when the V*gina is extremely Loose.

I walked her out, she kept showing appreciation. She came with a very flashy black jeep. All eyes from my neighbours were on us.

She got into the jeep, she brought something out of her bag In an envelope and handed it over to me.
“What’s this?” I asked
“Its just a token of my Appreciation” she said. Then zoomed off.

I opened it, it was money. It was probably her Insurance on me.

After the competition, I had called my mum to tell her about it, she was so happy.
I told her I wouldn’t be needing allowance for the rest of the semester.
I walked into Ibro’s room, I sat on the cushion, like I did earlier, Ibro was Blushing, Jennifer was pretending to be busy, Pretending to not notice my presence and Avoiding looking in my direction.
“What’s that in your hand?” Ibro asked
I looked at the envelope once again
“Money” I replied
Jennifer glanced at me.
“Looks like you just got yourself a Sugar Mummy” Ibro said while he laughed.

The following day, I arrived the exam hall, early, an hour later, the exam began.
“What’s under your seat?” the invigilator asked
The question was directed to a student in the back row.
“I said, what do you have under the your seat” the invigilator repeated
“Sir, there’s nothing under my seat” the student replied.

“Young man, this is the last time I will ask you this. What is under your seat?”

“Sir, there’s nothing under my…”
The invigilator pulled him off the seat.
Lo and behold, the student had been sitting on a handout.

I was only listening and stealing glances at them.
“Sir please forgive me. I won’t do it again” the student begged the Invigilator, who was also a lecturer.

“You students think you are smart, I have been observing you, and I saw this handout, if only you had obeyed when I first requested for it” he said

The student was already in tears, he knew the fate of students who were caught malpracticing. Rustication.

The whole class were begging, this time around.
The invigilator showed no signs of Yielding to our plea.
“The Adminstration must hear this” he said, as he walked out, the student followed him, still in tears.
Some Girls in the class were already crying.
I was very sure he wasn’t the only the one guilty of the act, in the whole class.
But like they say,
“Only the one caught, is Considered a Culprit”

After the examination, that day, I realised, I had lost closure on my crew.
So I took a bike to Capon’s place.
I knocked on his door.
“Who’s there?” he asked.
“Its Jeff” I replied.
“Ah Jeff,” he rushed to open the door
He Opened the door, still adjusting his trouser, he was without a shirt.
come in, he said.
I walked in, I saw Rita, she was trying to dress up too, her hair was messed up.
I stood there Surprised.
“Am sorry but did I interrupt something?”I asked.

” Yes na,” Capon replied. “You had to ask?”