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STORY: Jide!!!. Part 32

We got out of the house…. As Nolly drove…. Me: Where are we going honey? Nolly: Just stay calm baby… As we drove, we stopped by at the nearest atm… She got down of the car and came back in about 5 minutes… I just dey observe from where I dey…. Nolly: Baby, have you gotten your ticket? Me: No … I’m expecting my dad to send the money tomorrow…. Nolly: Okay that’s good… Me: So where we going then? Or you want to come with me to Nigeria? I didn’t know why I asked the question, because with the little experience, Nolly could say YES. So I cut in immediately Me: I was kidding babe….. Why are we rushing…? Nolly: You know, I was thinking of that just now… but like you said, why rush? We got on the road, and in about 30minutes, we entered ASDA. Me: What do you want to get again? Nolly: Come with me…. And select for me… We entered ASDA, and went to the females section…. She got a lot of accessories as I was pushing the cart…. We went to the male section and she told me to pick everything I wanted… Hmm, me I have baby that I want to buy clothes for…. But putting baby’s clothes in the cart, Nolly will only think I’ve gotten mad…. I got a number of shirts, polo’s, boxers… name it… We were done shopping … we got to the counter and of course, Nolly paid the bills… When we got out, it struck my mind I had to do something for this girl…. Me: Babe, I’ll be right back… I rushed back in, and went to get an engagement ring… I bought it out of the ticket money I was sent… I got back outside, she was there waiting for my sorry Buttocks… Nolly: What happened? Me: Nothing … I just went to confirm a price.. I think she already suspected, but who cares… We got back and she said she was tired that I should come and drive… So we exchanged seats, without getting out of the car… As we did, she sat on my laps and refused to get up… with her massive Buttocks on me, my demon was responding slowly, she noticed this and started laughing about how she controls my Joystick… and it responds whenever she wants it to. I started the vehicle and headed out of ASDA…. Me: So ma’am, where are we going now? Nolly: Take me anywhere, my love… Me: Ah! That reminds me, I’ve got to book my flight now! Nolly: I thought you said you were still expecting the money… Me: Yes, but I’ve to be there still… my dad called the money would be sent now… Nolly: oh that’s good. I drove out completely and set the gps to my destination… Nolly: How did you get an agent? Me: I searched the internet of course Nolly: Why didn’t you tell me… I could have recommended ours for you.. Me: No, you shouldn’t bother. *Sensing that her agent would be relatively more expensive than every other one* I drove to the agent’s office… Me: Hi, I want to book a flight to Nigeria. Agent: What date are we looking at sir? Me: Two days to come… Agent: Sir, you should have come earlier… the tickets are very expensive now… Me: So how much are we looking at? Agent: About ….. 7,000rand Me: Wow! That’s a lot… I went outside, and back to the car… Nolly: What happened? So quick? Me: The tickets are very expensive… Nolly: So what are you going to do? And which airline are we looking at? Me: That’s true… I got out of the car again to confirm the airliner…. Nolly got down with me this time… Me: Sorry, what airline are we looking at? Agent: South African, sir. Nolly: Baby, let me pay for this… Me: *Na so you get money reach* Pay for what? No… Nolly: Common, let me pay… Me: I said No! Period. Nolly: Okay, let me borrow you the money then… Me: *If she paid the ticket fare, that meant I would be going back to Nigeria, with a lot of money* so when am I going to pay back, I giggled… Nolly: On our wedding night baby….you are giving me a baby! *She said, and smiled* Even the agent smiled at her wild joke… Me: Ahhh…. Baby I’m going to repay you in 100folds… Nolly: Of course, you’re my god! The agent issued us an invoice and Nolly brought out her card… Only God knows how much she has in that account… After the payment, the agent printed my ticket…. We got out of the place and headed back to school… She dropped me off as usual, at my hostel gate… Nolly: I’ll talk to you later honey… Me: Okay…. But where are you going from here? Nolly: My hostel of course… I’m tired, and I need to speak with my dad… Me: Okay… later… I carried my shopping bags and I was thinking why she wanted to speak to her dad… that’s rare… however, I’ve never seen her talk on phone with him before, or even her mum…. Just her sisters. I went on to my room, my roomates, in their usual manner, proclaimed again, how Nolly was spoiling me…. But who cares… Me: When una dey go? Seun: Go where? Nigerian guys, we’re very bad mannered…. Go where? Me: Going to hell now… ode Seun: you no well…. We never know sha…. Whether we no go even go anywhere sef…. As Tola nodded in affirmation with what Seun said, I thought about it… Truly, why would a normal Nigerian student, studying in South Africa want to come to Nigeria for holidays….. When you can hustle things out and make some money…. Me: Anyway, me I dey go on Monday sha…. Seun: Guy you fast o…. and you get money sef.. Tola: Abi shey that your babe they follow you go? Me: No… why she go follow me…. Seun: So na why you come shop like this…. You get money die… I didn’t want to start explaining anything further… Me: Una no go understand… I put my stuffs in my locker, kept my ticket safe… and locked it… I jumped on my bed and called Shola… Me: Hey! What’s up? Shola: Baby…. How are you? Me: I’m okay…. How are you too? Shola: hmm, I’m trying… Me: Good… we’ve to keep trying baby… Shola: Yea my husband… I can’t wait for you to come back…. I’ve missed you gan Me: it’s on Monday baby… yea I’ve missed you too… Shola: *She screamed* Me: Babe, calm down, what’s wrong with you? WATCH OUT FOR  NEXT EPISODE