A story written by Dexpendable… If you missed part Twenty Four yesterday read itHERE!!

Me: What! So you got pregnant…. Nolly: I had an abortion.. It was my mistake… it was all my fault.. Me: Shut up! Are you out of your senses? Me: WTF are you saying? What are you uttering? Do you want to kill me? Me: I hate you! Bleep you! Nolly: *Stands up, and gets mad at me* Oh really? Is that it? I impregnated myself isn’t? Yea she didn’t impregnate herself. Looking back from the first time we did it… Our first night at the hotel…. I used a condom… The concurrent ones…. Nolly told me she was on contraceptives… Me: But you were on contraceptives? Nolly: Yes I got the contraceptives. Jide, I don’t know how I got pregnant.. I can’t really explain the time period I missed the pills… Me: How did you know you were pregnant? Nolly: I started vomiting abnormally. And it was happening almost everytime… My roommates were joking about me being pregnant but I still didn’t know… I went to do research on pregnancy symptoms… So I called the pharmacist I wanted an abortion. And he gave me time.. to come… That was it.. Me: So you had it all figured out. I feel very irritated… Me: Why do you ladies always treat me like this….*I shouted* and started crying Nolly: What do you mean ladies treating you like this? Ladies? Jide? What are you saying *She moves closer to me, bringing my face up…. She knew! Me: I’ve always had bad dreams of my girlfriend getting pregnant. Although the person in the dream is always masked…. She got pregnant.. Nolly: Aww… common baby… the thing is gone already…*as she starts smiling* Me: So what about our thing? *I stared my eye on her, waiting patiently for a favorable response…* Nolly: I don’t know? Me: Common… Don’t break my heart now…. Please! Nolly: we’re not going to use the pills again…. I think condoms would do us best. Me: So that means we won’t have quickies again? Nolly: Obviously… quickies cause pregnancy you know. I hugged her, told her it was okay…. But then… Me: Nolly, why did you abort the pregnancy? And why didn’t you even tell me? Nolly: Baby, I had to abort it… For many reasons… Firstly, for my dad’s status… Secondly, I know you won’t want it… So what’s the point? Me: But you should have told me…. Or you’ve another reason for not doing so? Nolly: I was just scared of our relationship… You know how much this relationship means to me…. We walked back to the car… This time she was on the wheels… We left the park, headed to the road… which to me was no man’s land… About 1 hour, we got to the supposed hotel… Me: Is this the place? Nolly: Yea… *She picks her phone and dialed a number* Nolly: Hi, I’m around… **Call ends** In 2 minutes, a uniformed white guy walks towards us… Nolly: Baby, let’s go inside… We got down…. Uniformed Guy: Welcome sir! Me: Hi.. Well-done. Nolly handed the keys to him as he enters the vehicle.. Me: Where’s he taking the vehicle to? Nolly: Calm down, it’s for parking.. We carried our bags into the hotel…. This can be compared to Premier in Ibadan… Only that it’s got limited space compared to Premier.. As we carried our bags in… Me: So how often do you come here…. For those quickies….*I winked at her* Nolly: What do you mean? I’ve no idea what you talking about. We walked towards the reception… and collected our keys… It was on the last floor.. so we had to use the lift. I have always fantasised on s*x in the elevator.. and I hear a lot about them… Before that could happen, I needed to know so many basic technicalities about the hotel and the lift… So I took it off my mind.. After waiting for about 30 seconds, the lift opened.