Jide!!!. Part 23


Jide Part 23

If you missed part Twenty Two yesterday read it HERE!!!

Me: I’m at the clinic…
Nolly: Who’s sick?
Me: No one, I fell down…
**She cuts the call immediately** Five minutes, she was in the male ward…. It was dark, how she found me I don’t know.. Probably because I was the latest patient and Seun was still around….
Nolly: **She looked me in the eye** WHAT! Who did this?
Me: I fell and got injured…**I could only whisper**
Nolly: So why are marks on your face then? Why’s your lip bleeding?
Me: I fell inside the gutter…..
**Seun cuts in**
Seun: Yea, we were walking together on the pavement before he just missed a leg and fell into the gutter…
Nolly: Aww. Baby….. So where’s Tola?
Me: He’s on his way…
When I called Nolly at first, I had taught I would be able to tell her everything that happened, but it wasn’t just right…. Telling your girlfriend you were beating by some roommates is a kind of ridicule…and I wasn’t ready to take it… so I lied to her… Nolly waited till the last minute her hostel gates were going to close before she left the clinic… Before she left….
Nolly: Jide, I think we should leave tomorrow..
Me: That’s not even possible…
Nolly: So when then? Or you want to get hit again by the same guy?
Me: What same guy.. What are you talking about?
Nolly: Seun told me everything, you don’t have to lie again…*She rubs my face*
I was very angry again at what Seun had just done, but my anger doesn’t always yield into anything after all… I thought about what Nolly said…. 10 days!

I slept after taking some crazy pain killers…. Crazy in the sense that, when I woke up, I had even forgotten something happened, but for my swollen lip. That one, I couldn’t help… Nolly came as early as possible, it was as if she didn’t sleep at all. She woke me up…
Nolly: Baby, good morning.. How are you feeling now?
Me: …….Nolly… Thanks… I’m feeling better now…
Nolly: Why are you thanking me….. Who was going to take care of you before..
Me: True…. Who else….I shrugged.
Nolly: Yea baby… I’m ready now…
Me: Eh, yea. That’s true. Where are your things?
Nolly: Did you expect I bring them to the ward? Or did he hit your brain also…**She laughs**
Me: WTF! Why are you even talking about it…
I stood up, and went for the reception.. Talk about a girl treating a guy right… Nolly’s a queen… She held my hand as I tried standing up, and put my hands on her shoulder to help my pace… We got to the reception, signed off and we were outside the clinic…

As we got out, we went for the car outside….

I had to go back to my hostel to park my stuffs, but how was I going to face Tola?

I’m not afraid of Tola. It was just situation… I entered the first passenger’s seat as Nolly reversed from the compound. We were headed to my hostel… We got to my hostel, I got down, and I saw Tola straight up. Mad fear first catch me, but I now reset… He stretched his hand towards me, I stretched mine also…We shook hands as he looked towards Nolly and said sorry. Was it because of Nolly he’s saying sorry?
Nolly: Instead of acting wise… you were acting like a bully….
Tola: No… Jide was responsible… I’m not a bully… and I can’t even stand Jide on a normal day…. It was just anger…
Me: Guy, you no try at all. Wetin you talk wey lead to the fight no make one kobo of sense.
Tola: The thing be say you no even know if na joke we dey joke… You just come, wan scatter floor.
Me: Guy see, forget that one now.. E no fit happen… se you hear.. The thing now be say I dey commot school….with this babe…
Tola: Where una dey go?
Me: We just wan Commot School, go dey jerk for somewhere…
Tola: No sha give am belle o…
Nolly was just looking at the both of us, the small English that was coming out of our pidgin she understood, the rest were going to deaf ears… I went into my room, there was no one… not even Seun…. I was a little surprised, but then I remembered exam… everybody’s already finding his level…
I packed some my stuffs into the hand luggage I brought from Nigeria….
As I got out, I met Tola talking with Nolly…..
**What could they’ve been saying, I taught in my mind**
I carried my luggage with great joy and pride…. There’s nothing better than that at that moment…

I got into the vehicle, Nolly waved Tola bye…. In about 5 minutes, we were out of school… I had forgotten to drop my phone in my locker, but all the same…. I already told Shola… As we got out….
Me: So where are we going to babe?
Nolly: Why are you so anxious… common.. Nolly’s in control..
Me: I know you’re in control… but where we going now?
Nolly: Jide, **She quickly had a glance at me** Only if you know how much I love and adore you… I’m just madly in love, and I can’t even see you leaving my life.. not for one…. I’m ready to do anything to sustain you…Just anything…
Me: *I held her hand, squeezed it softly…. And kissed it.* I love you Nolly.
Nolly… Good boy… So we would branch the pharmacist…
Me: Again? I taught you got the drugs last week…
Nolly: Yes, just to be sure…
This girl saying she’s ready to do anything….. She’s not in for any pregnancy of any kind. We entered the pharmacy, I just waited at the reception as she went in to see the pharmacist… I was surprised, scared….
Why’s she going to see the doctor….
5 minutes…. She wasn’t out.
10 minutes…. Nolly was still not out…

I was furious, like did she forget she kept me waiting outside or what now… I don’t understand….
I stood up and headed for the pharmacist’s office….
As I approached the office….. I heard some funny sounds.

For a moment, I paused… because I hate disappointment in my life.. I didn’t want to move closer to confirm the noise… I just stood still.
But the sound was still coming on….. I got angry, I smashed the door with rage… and behold I saw my dear Nolly…
I saw Nolly on the bed with the doctor accessing her core… With anger I slapped his back…
Me: What is going on? What’s this?
Doctor: Who are you?
Me: What do you mean who am I? Are you crazy?
I was surprised Nolly couldn’t even talk, the doctor was even blocking her view… I shifted the doctor away …
Me: Baby! Baby!
Me: What have you done to her? Why isn’t she responding? What?
I stormed out of the office as I needed fresh air.. Has this man killed this girl? Or Were they banging and Nolly is just pretending? After some fresh air, I went back inside.. The door was locked again… WTF sef….

This time the door was locked properly I tried as much as I could before the attendant came to calm me down… This time, I wasn’t hearing any sound again.. It was all quiet.