Story: Jide!!!. Part 21

Story: Jide!!!. Part 21

If you missed part Twenty yesterday read it HERE!!!

Police: Who’s Nolly?**Looking at the plates**
Me: Sir, that’s my girlfriend. It’s my girlfriend’s car..
Police: So why are you driving it?
**He probably thought Rose was my said girlfriend, and instead of she acting like one, she just kept quiet… She even put her shades on… I was just sad**
Me: Sir, My girlfriend is in school…
Police: Oh, I get the story now.. So you left your girlfriend in school to come and go out with another lady… hmmm. I see… it’s you guys that are giving us bad reps.. Where are you from?
Me: Sir, I’m from Nigeria…
Police: So what did you come to do in S.A?
Me: I came to school sir. I’m in the same school as my girlfriend…
If I had known how this scene would have ended, I would have acted so differently…
Police: Can I see the vehicle papers?
Me: *I searched all the safes and found it at last…* I handed it over to him…
Police: *Checks it** so where’s your license?
Yawa don burst…. Patapata… No license…
Me: I forgot it in school…
Police: You forgot it or you don’t even have… Aren’t you a foreigner?
Police: Please get out of the vehicle…
I got down almost immediately…. He put his large black head into the car and asked for Rose to get down also… I was expecting Rose to get out of the car immediately.. But she didn’t, instead she told me to get into the car.

Rose: Jide enter the vehicle and let’s go?
Me: Enter what? Can’t you see gun?
Rose: Enter Mr. Man.
The police man on hearing this got very angry.
Police: What is going on? You two are so disrespectful…
That was how Rose got down from the vehicle, went to the police man and threatened to jail him for 5 years…. I was shocked on hearing that… I just moved to her back… She told the police man if he doesn’t release us in the next 10 seconds, She would do the unthinkable.. I was totally confused…. She called her dad immediately and gave the phone to him.. I didn’t know what transpired.. The man just ordered we leave immediately..
On the way, I asked Rose to explain to me what exactly happened… it was then I found out that Nolly’s dad was the attorney General..
What? I’m dating attorney General’s daughter…. Or double dating? I was shaking like a jellybean inside me… I don’t know if I should just call the relationship off immediately… What if I break up and then she reports her dad I broke her heart? I am doomed… I was just thinking as I passed the club…. Rose hit me and I came to life… I apologized wholeheartedly… Reversed, went to the club… she got her car… I asked her if she would need me again..? Since she didn’t I drove back to school… I was just thinking… Why did I disvirgin Nolly?

As I got to school, I went straight for Nolly’s hostel…. I called her..
Me: Hey…. I’m in front of your place.. can you come out now?
Nolly: Okay, give me 30minutes..
Me: No, we’re not going anywhere… Just want to ask you something..
Nolly: Okay.. 5minutes…
Five minutes for what again? Just to get out and come and talk? Five minutes… I waited for like 15 minutes before she came out… I was furious….. This moment, God still tried to save me from what was coming after…. But Nolly the devil.
Me: What took you so long?
Nolly: Sorry, something came up inside…
Me: Anyway, why didn’t you tell me about your dad?
Nolly: *Does some girlish stuff* what’s it about him?
Me: He’s the Attorney General? Isn’t it.
Nolly: Yea he’s…
Me: That’s good… I’ve come to return your vehicle…
Nolly: Why baby?
Me: Nothing really… I don’t just feel like driving anymore… It’s stressful, you know..
Nolly: What are you talking about? Is it cause of my dad’s position?
Me: No. No. At all. I don’t just feel it’s really necessary… you know, driving all about… and I don’t even have a license… so it doesn’t make any sense..
Nolly: Oh if that’s the problem… I’ll get you a license….
Me: No, that won’t be necessary either…. Okay..
Nolly: It’s just like you want to start disengaging from me gradually…
Me: No it’s not.. I just think it’s the right thing to do now.. okay. love you..

I hugged her and kissed her forehead.. gave her the keys and went to my hostel.. On getting to my hostel, they asked for the car since I didn’t bring any key.. I narrated the whole story to them… Nolly called me..
Nolly: Do you know exams are starting in 10 days?
Me: Yea I know.. Why?
Nolly: Aren’t we supposed to be reading together now?
Me: Yea we should… What do you think?
Nolly: I don’t know, I don’t think the school would be condusive though…
Me: Why wouldn’t it be?
Nolly: Distractions… and all sought.. We won’t be able to concentrate..
Me: Yea, there are distractions everywhere remember..
Nolly: I know.. Anyway, I don’t want us to stay in school..
Me: So what do you want?
Nolly: I want us to stay somewhere private… and condusive… so we won’t be distracted…
Me: Okay, let me know what you come up with then….
***Call ends***

I was just tired so I went to sleep… I woke up with missed calls from my phone… all from Nolly… I called her back…
Me: What’s up, I saw your missed calls…
Nolly: I’ve been trying to call you….
Me: I just said I saw your missed calls… what’s up?
Nolly: I think we should lodge in a hotel for the remaining days till our exams..
Me: WHAT? That’s a whole lot of money we are going to spend.. I mean, there’s bed here in my room, the school offers cheap food… Transportation too is cheap, so what am I looking for?
Nolly: Why do you always reason like a peasant? You’re always contented with anything soily..
Me: That was how I was brought up… I’m not from a political background okay?
That got her really angry, as I found out later on… She didn’t even bother calling back… I had to go and see her.. So I wore a t-shirt and a three-quarter shorts.. I went to her hostel… I called her phone for up to 20 times before she could pick up… She later came to meet me outside… I tried hugging her, but she didn’t obliged… I just started telling her sorry, I didn’t mean what I said and I was just anxious that’s all…
Nolly: Okay.. So what do you say about we lodging?
Me: I think its okay… very okay…. Although I’ve got no money with me, as I have just my flight ticket back home..
Nolly: **She comes closer, placed her hands on my shoulder…. ** Why do you worry young man? When I’m here?
Me: Okay… Let’s rock and roll then!

I went back to my hostel…. First.. I called Shola…