CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 7

Ife: so here is the deal
Before ife could finish her statement, Hurklan bursts in with is surebet ticket,to ask me what the result of the match between Real and Athletico was to his surprise, Athletico madrid lost with teary eyes he said *see how madrid make me lose one million naira* and he left
Ife continued and said

Ife:  since u said am still too young, then you will wait till am 18
Me: iffeeee, na wa for u ooo, which kain condition be that?
Ife: well that’s all I can do
Me: ok, are you ready to go home
Ife: yes, let’s go
Me: don’t you think you should know my place?
Ife: do you also know my place?
Me: ok then, let’s do your place today
Me: ife what a nice place you have here
Ife: thanks
Me: what of your room mate
Ife: I don’t have any
Me: and don’t you get bored staying alone
Ife: not really, you know I go home almost every 3 days
Me: well with your condition, you need to have someone around to assist you in things
Ife: that’s why I hate telling people about myself, must you make me feel like am handicapped? Am fine, nothing is wrong with me, I don’t need anyones help
Me: ife dear I don’t mean it like that, am sorry, that was not what I meant
Ife: *angry* wot do you mean, is it my fault that I have this sickness, you are just like my parents, wh can’t you all let me live my life, most I be confined to some conditions? Must I?
Me: ife please stop, just stop, am so sorry, really I am
Ife: *crying* what have I done to deserve all these, I can’t do things my peers do, I can feel how they feel, I can’t stay in the cold for so long, I can’t drink cold water after meals, I can’t……
Me:  rushed and get close to her, the placed a kiss on her lips and remained there without moving.
She was sobbing in my mouth, and I wrapped my hands around her, gradually our lips began to move and I was wiping her tears with my fingers. We continued like that for 2minutes till she broke free
Ife: tee, I don’t mean to shout at you, but everything is just frustrating for me, am sorry
Me: well u can continue to shout if it will make me get another kiss
Ife:* smiling* guy u no well ooo
Me: u shud have known that before now my sickness no be here, but I still well pass u
Ife: u are an eediot
I just drew her to myself again and resumed my kissing ministry, she forcefully withdrew her self from me
Ife: tee, we can’t date, its impossible
Me: babe why would you say so
Ife: see am going to get married before finishing my program, I need to have my children quickly cause no one knows what tomorrow holds
Me: I understand
Ife: tee, I really like you, and I enjoy your company, if I had a choice I might choose you, but my hands are tied here, so u should try to understand why I said its impossible
Me: babe I understand, but we can always work around all this.
Ife: we can’t, I know we can’t.

Fast forward to the end of the semester, Managers villa was bubbling, it was time for end of semester report
Acme: brothers in arms, we want to thank God for the semester so far, and its time to check our reports card to see how well we all have done.
Me: who be your brothers in arms, which weapon una dey carry
Tj: shey u know no say na weapon mass reproduction we all carry
Acme: no mind that monkey jare, as I was saying,its tym to rank and separate the boys for the men. Now here is my report.
Starting with KC, you were the first to open the stadium and Madam Aisha has became a constant player on this stadium, she plays a match at least 3 times a week both morning and evening. You have also added Madam Halimat to your team and she plays her game well aslo.

Now to Alfa Tj, as much as you have tried to get into a scoring form, the goals have deserted u
*we all laughed*
And you player almost accused you of forcefully playing her even against her wish, but thank God you eventually dint force her.

Mr Abbey: you have proven to be a great scout of talent, and this can be seen in your discovery of Jade and Sikira, although u are fond of playing underage in your team, your best match was when u played and almost shot ur loads on the Quran on our praying section, did I say almost?
*laughter erupted from everyone in the room*
Mr Tee, you are always not in the mood for any match, but you went on a 3 days unbeaten run with Fernando flatscreeno before her disappearance, the impact of Ife on your team is still unknown, cause you have made that has discrete has possible, I sense you want to give her the ballon d’or of your team, well you’ve also shown great promises in discovering talents like Shade and Sherifat.

So at this point, its becoming too close to call and I will leave it to this house to judge
Me: oga you talk everyone own, you come leave your own abi, well make I help you with yours. Mr Acme, you are the owner of the stadium, and you have used your home advantage to great effect. You locked me out on my first day here while your player was screaming Fin303 from the bottom of her yansh, KB is a constant player, and you are the only one who played a game overnight, leaving everyone with an over strained instrument in the morning, ur players include TY and MS.
I will like to say without contest you have retained the championship…………………… While still discussing, my phone rang, it was my sister calling
Me: tos how far
Tos: egbon am not fine ooo
Me: wetin happen na
Tos: na mama ooo
Me: what is it this time
Tos: I can’t even explain it now ooo, she just fainted
Me: *screamed* what….