CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 5

Acme: omo see bakasi
Me: bros so you sef dey see what am seeing?
TJ: her manchester is not too good, but hare bacerlona is one to fear
Acme: her future is not to good, but her past his a killer
We all laughed and was trying to locate Abbey, but before we could turn our heads around, Abbey had already walked up to her.
Me: omo dis Abbey guy na sharp guy oooo
Acme: the guy just proved the saying that procrastination is dangerous
Tj: make we close am try give am moral support
Me: the guy is doing fine from my view, he doesn’t need support.

We got all the soup ingredients and waited for Abbey, after waiting an extra 20minutes we all got tired and signal to Abbey to meet us at home.

We got home and I told the guys that I wasn’t in a cooking mood, Acme decided to cook but not without insulting my life. To our surprise Abbey came home with the short black girl, he introduced her to us as Jade.

We later got to know that Jade was an SS3 student at queen elizabeth school, Jade eventually helped in cooking the soup though we gave her close monitoring.
She left after eating cause we all insisted eats. Abbey escorted her and we were waiting for his return, for one hour we waited and dint see abbey, we decided to put a call to him and he said he was coming, we told him to block us at point.
Acme: oya make we enter point
Me: u guys should go, I don’t think I will be going
Acme: wetin happen na, u wey dem wan give babe
Me: bros am not just in the mood tonight
TJ: guy where your mood go now? U no dey mood to cook, u no dey mood for that, talk true abi u dey fear to follow the kogi babe yarn ni?
Me: fear ke, she be Dangote pikin?
Kc: oya sha let’s go, we no fit leave u alone for house
Me: *grudgingly* all right, let’s role

We all got to point, with flo and jb already seated, after 10 minutes Abbey finally arrived to a standing ovation and maximum hailing from the guys
Flo: why una dey hail this guy like this, shey he don break his duck ni?
Me: na the guy dey reign now oooo
Abbey: abeg Jb shey u no one short girl called Jade
Jb: shey no be that one wey dey live for that gate house close to the viewing center?
Abbey: na she
Flo: omo pastor ni oooo
Abbey: then she must be a omo pastor wey sabi
Me: how u take know say she sabi?
Abbey: why u think say I came back late?
Everybody just started shouting and hailing , Abbey was just smiling
Acme: oga abeg download the details give us
Rasak: tee, lest I forget, I don follow the babe talk, she don gree to see u, she say make I come call her when u come.
That brought another round of screaming and hailing for rasak
Me: thanks jare, but I don’t think I will meet her today, am not just in the mood maybe tomorrow.
Acme: olobe ni guy yi sha ( this guy na dulling ooo)
Kc: ashe o ti e le, enu lasan lo ni ( u only brag, u av no action)

While they were still yabbing, a girl walked out from the building behind us
Rasak: tee na she be that ooo
We all turn around to see my upcoming chick
Acme: where she dey na
Rasak: na she be that for the gutter side
Me: this one??…