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Story: CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 4


Story: CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 4

CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 4

A story written by Ajadi Tunde (… If you missed part Three yesterday, read it HERE!!!

At school, I saw ife sitting on one of the seats on the walkway
Me: hi sweetheart
Ife: who’s your sweetheart, I taught u said u were at challenge, I dint know u meant the one at Ibadan
Me: am sorry I came late, there was no bus at d bus stop it took 15 minutes to get one and it was real war before I could get into d bus sef
Ife: *cuts in* e don do, I yaff hear
Me: dats my baby
Ife: u better don’t start giving yourself false hope. Let’s just start going for MAT 102 lecture
Me: where is the venue sef
Ife: LT1
We got to LT1 and it was full to the brim. All math courses where faculty courses in 100L so students from faculty of science and aslo engineering all partake in it so it was always a full class.

We were standing close to the door when a student just mistakenly use is elbow to hit Ife on her chest and this got Ife furious
Ife: are u blind ni, or u don’t know u hit someone
Guy: am sorry I never meant to
Ife: sorry my foot, that’s how u all go about trying to tap current where there is none
Guy: I said am sorry, wot else do u want
Me: guy never mind, just leave ok
The guy left then I faced Ife
Me: ife, that was rather uncalled for, the guy has apologised and I don’t think he did it intentionally so u should have just calmed down than creating a scene
Ife: so its until he injures me! Before I should talk abi
Me: I dint say that, but u where harsh sha.
Ife: well u are not in my shoes so u don’t know why I reacted as I did.
Me: whatever it is, let’s call a spade a spade u were harsh
Ife: so u wanna start judging me now abi? Ok then listen to this. I HAD AN OPERATION TO REMOVE A LUMP ON MY Bosom and am still on bandages round my Bosom, did u know the kind of pain I felt when he hit me?
I became dumbfounded and was just staring at her
Ife: shebi u dey judge me ni, continue na, Mr judge. Mtcheeeeewwwww
Ife just walked away from me and I was just rooted to the spot, I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

**Ife is just a young girl of 16yrs, ow come she will have a lump? Maybe she is lying, or trying to test if I will stay with her at all cost, it can’t be true, she must be lying**

I came out of my mini shock and tried searching for her, I later saw her feeling kinda sober
Me: ife am sorry, I dint mean to judge u
Ife: keep iur sorry
Me: ife, I dint know all these, If I had known won’t have said all I said
Ife: then next time u should watch what u say
Me: yes ma, so can we go to the cafeteria if u don’t mind
Ife: wot for? U want to bribe me with food
Me: not really, just wanna do anything to make u smile
Ife: so u think am FFO abi (for food only)
Me: (laughing) maybe
Ife: ok sha let’s go

On our way to the cafeteria, I started the conversation again
Me: ife I still don’t believe wot u said the other time
Ife: do u think I can lie with such? Well for your information that is the THIRD LUMP am removing
Me: ife stop saying this na
Ife: why should I stop? U think am lying, ok *she looks around the n point to a tree* let’s go close to that tree so I could show u something

We got to the tree and she loose two of her top buttons to reveal a bandage round ha bossom part, she wasn’t even wearing a bra, the bandage was like a tube.
I became transfixed to the spot and lost taught of my surrounding, until she tapped me and brought me back to my senses

Me: ife am very sorry, am so sorry, please forgive me, am sorry
Ife: guy why u dey beg na, abeg let’s go get the food
Me: I don’t think I can eat anymore, my appetite is gone
Ife: then we will find the appetite when we get to the buka
She dragged me and I was just following her like a dundee.

I got home at about 5pm, but I couldn’t get myself together, ife’s case was disturbing or how can a 16yr old girl go under the knife 3 times, wow life is really not fair. I begin to wonder, is this stuff hereditary? Could it be transferred while sucking, what would be her fate by the time she’s 25yr old? God this is bad, real bad.

Was in this mood when I remembered that my Mum was having a similar case, so I placed a call to her
Me: Mama, how are u today
Mama: omo mi am fyn ( my child am fine)
Me: how is your health ma?
Mama: have never been better my dear
Me: thank God. So when are you going to LASUTH
Mama: I wish I could go next week ooo but iwo na mo bi o shey fi ile sile ( but u know ow u left the house)
Me: God will provide
Mama: Amen
Me: but make sure you try all ur best to go oooo, please ma, u know I have no one but u ooo
Mama: you have God my dear
Me: yes I know, but just stay healthy for me
Mama: as the lord liveth, no evil shall befall me or any member of my family
Me: I love u mum
Mama: tee this one u are sounding emotional hope all is well
Me: all is well mum, I will try to monitor u to make sure u go for the check up
Mama: don’t worry, I will go, just put your mind in what you are studying over there and stop worrying about me
Me: all right mum, I have to go now
Mama: the lord will be with u and u will succeed in all your ways
Me: amen, bye.

While on the call TJ and Acme walked in
Acme: baba u don get job for customer care
Me: y u talk like that now?
Acme: this one wey u dey call like Adenuga’s pikin
Me: na my mama I dey follow talk na
Acme: no wonder, but wait ooo, u sure say na your mama u dey follow talk wey u dey tell I love u
Me: yes na
TJ: guy u can lie ooo
Me: am serious, well na una sabi
Acme: where the soup wey u say u go cook
Me: bros I don even forget, something else don occupy my mind
TJ: make nothing no occupy ur mind ooo, we must chop better today.
Me: ok, where una dey buy things here
Acme: make all of us stroll go na
Me: ok, make I take some cash

On our way out we met Abbey, so he just dropped his books on the passage and joined us. Getting close to the market we saw one short black girl


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