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Story: CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 3


Story: CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 3

 CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 3

A story written by Ajadi Tunde (… If you missed part Two yesterday, read it HERE!!!

Got to ilorin in the evening,boughbread and banana for the guys at the lodge, while still offloading, my phone rang, checking the caller it was Ife
Me: ife thank God u are all right, av bin worried
Ife: am sorry, was on medication so I slept off
Me: op u are better now
Ife: I op I am, tee am scared
Me: ife don’t be, but wots the nature of the sickness
Ife: will u be in school tomoro
Me: yes I will, shebi u will go for your check up
Ife: I was there today so won’t go tomoro, let’s meet in school tomoro then
Me : ok den, take care
Food was ready and the guys where about eating,
Acme: oga won’t u join us ni
Me: why won’t I?
TJ: shebi u just dey come from home, u no suppose dey chop dis concoction
Me: no worry tomoro I go cook better soup for una
All: ope ooooo chairman baba olowo ti de ooooo
Me: dats my boys
Ismail: u no well.
KC: Acme ow far wit ur babe Kb na
Acme: no mind her joor, she dey form for me, I say make she show today but she no gree
Tj: but acme u bad gaan oooo, all of us go sleep for here and u go still dey kpansh dat girl everynight
Abbey: the guy just dey give me sleepless night
Acme: baba me no dey do dos things una dey talk ooo
Me: TJ shey no be she dey house dat dey wey I wan travel
TJ: na she na, dem no know morning or night
Me: the ringtone wey I hear dat day madt gann ooo
Acme: wetin u hear ooo, we were just discussing FIN303
Me: that course go tough gann ooo and go get like 12 units cos the way she was reading the handout aloud was very interesting
We all laughed, yabbing each other.
Its funny how people mix quickly, especially guys. Have only known this guys for two days and we were gisting like we’ve known each other forever.
Acme was in 300L, he was the owner of the room, his friend Ismail was also in 300L. Ismail was a bariga boy also, he was friend with KC and KC was a street brother to Abbey, Abbey was bisola’s street friend and Bisola was a daughter to a minister in my mum’s church. We were all freshers except for TJ who was here to write IJMB, he lived on the same area with Acme around Iyana ipaja.
It was a wonderful lodge, and need to say guys will always be guys, everyday its has to be a story of one girl or the other. We usualy move out of the lodge to a place we call Point to examine and feed our eyes with d goodies in the area.
on this faithful night after the food, we sat at Point then this slim lady walked by….

Point was an open space with a business center, the business center was owned by a guy called Razak, we all sit with Razak and other guys from the community joined us, there I got to meet Flo and Jboy, I was told that they are friends of the house so automatically we all became friends. While we were gisting about soccer, I support Man utd, Acme and Kc supports chelsea, Ismail and Abbey supports Arsenal, a beautiful black slim lady with an average backside and an oversized breas*t which makes me wonder how are slim figure could carry such massive load walked pass us

KC: iru ki le le yi ……(Wot sort of a load is dis)
Acme: ounje omo yi o wa poju? …….( Is dis baby’s food not too much)
Me: Blood of chisos
Flo: this one pass blood of chisos na blood of god
Acme: abeg who be dat babe
JB: her name is Aisha, she lives down the street
Kc: abeg I need her 411
Acme: lai lai na me first ask about her
TJ: please u all should just leave her for me ooo
Rasak: shey na Aisha una see una wan start fight, if una come see ha sister nko
Acme: she ha sister dey badder than dis ni?
JB: her sister’s milk factory is twice of her’s and her backside na dieeee
Acme: abeg dat one go wan suffocate person ooo

While we were still talking Aisha walked pass us again and dis time JB stopped her
JB: Aisha come over na
*she walks towards us*
Aisha: good evening everyone
All: good evening sweetheart, honey, dear
Aisha: Laughing, shey na me get all those names
Kc: yes ooo, u are worth more than all those names
JB: lemme talk to u privately for a minute Aisha
They both walked away and seconds later JB called Kc and left him talking to Aisha.

Jb walked back to us and Acme was furious
Acme: shebi na me say I want the babe
Jb: baba calm down now, u no say dis guys are still fresh, u don chop tire na
Tj: Acme u too like woman, op say no be where u take come u go take go sha
Acme: ur father

Kc came back and told us Aisha will be visiting early tomorrow morning before going to work
Me: tomorrow morning ke?
Tj: which kain package be dat
kc explained to us that she said d only time she have is morning and maybe when coming back from work in the evening.

Rasak promised to give me a kogi babe when next we show, I promised him we will show the next day.
Knock, knock, knock
Kc: who’s there
Aisha: its me Aisha
Quickly we jumped off the bed, it just quarter to seven,
After like 30sec
Kc: u can coming
Aisha: good morning everyone, hope I dint wake u all
Me: yes u did ooo ( smilling)
Aisha: heya sorry about dat, but that shows u guys are lazy oooo
TJ: see insult inside our room ooooo, I will leave u to kc to discipline u
Aisha: its not an insult na ( laughing)
*which kain wahala be dis for dis cold weather na*, we all took our toothbrushes, paste, sponge, buckets clothes and shoes and left the room to the passage.

It was past eight and Aisha finally came out, we all ran out of the passage so has not to be noticed, immediately they stepped out of the compound we all ran straight to the room to see the effect of the visit and unsurprisingly, we were not disappointed.

When Kc came back we all hailed him for his conquest and ask him to give details
Kc: omo dat bobby big pass as we think ooo, na when I comot cloth for masquerade face na hin I know say na meat wey strong be nama, my dear d girl is a fucklicant
I was even trying to form talking things before the girl tell me say she has less than 30mins and she’s feeling the effect of the harmathan, na so she get down to business kissing my mouth not minding say I never brush
Me: iyanma, eewww,disgusting
Kc contd, na so I comot the top and she just open ha bra for me, na so I bury ma head for the two big balls ooo sucking the tips of one and rolling my fingers on the other, by now my Jt has found it way out of my boxer and she was scrubbing it very hard with ha palms ,I felt so uncomfortable, ha hand be like person wey dey walk for sawmil, so I tried to change position but she held my head down on a Bosom

Next thing I know is she asking me to lie down and immediately put my dic*k in ha mouth,it felt so good and warm, well she was a master sucker……
Acme: *cuts in* oga e don do we dey go school
All: why e go stop na, oga continue joor
Kc: na wetin we go see una for be dat, ashewos
TJ: at least for ilorin we all still be virgin, na u don disvirgin today so na u b d ashawo
Kc: where I stop sef
Me: oga continue joor abi wetin u dey feel like
Kc: to cut the long story short sha, na so she comot Mr Kc for mouth and before I could notice what was coming, I felt a warm sensation and something just gripped my JT, I opened my eyes to see ha sitting on my JT, omo if u see speed wey i take push her away, she was about saying sumfin when she saw me bringing out my CD, she just smiled took the Cd from me and placed it where it belong and went back to business
Me: oga e don do, I don dey late for school
Tj: cutting the story short una sha straff abi
Kc: u know what they call short but effective, that’s what she gave me this morning, that a very good tonic for the day
Me: oga park well joor, I go show una skills sef, make rasak just show me the kogi babe wey he talk first.
Acme: well, at this junction KC is leading we all by 5 points, let’s see who will carry the league at the end of the season
Abbey: no wahala, let the game begin
Tj: u know say me I be Alfa, I no dey ooo
Acme: u? Sheu anisau ( chief of woman affair)
Me: u be alfa and u dey hear toto gist early in the morning.
Acme: abeg make I dey go, see u all in the evening
Me: abeg make una quick come so we go enter point tonight ooo
All: ashawo oshi
*oh god hey, am the one who’s searching*
That’s my phone, checking, it was Ife calling
Ife: good morning
Me: morning
Ife: where are u
Me: am @ challenge
Ife: ok, I will wait for u at block 1
Me: ok, will be there soon.
Dropped the call and hurriedly packed my stuffs and dashed off to school……


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