CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 12

As God will have it, mama had two rooms willed to her by her dad, the tenant brought the dues. I took 8k and gave the rest to dad and I was off to school.

Got to managers villa, I was told Kc had gotten his apartment, and Abbey had gone back home. Tj’s IJMB result were out but he hadn’t been offered admission.
Oko-Erin to campus (PS) cost about #160 to and fro, so seriously I was having difficulty attending lectures. Acme’s girlfriend TY was coming regularly, and I was becoming a discomfort to her, so I called Acme,
Me: baba, I no go dey come home regularly ooo
Acme: wetin happen na
Me: you no my financial predicament na
Acme: no worry, shebi we still dey rough am
Me: I go wan dey stay with my padis for Tanke, u know my lectures bam from monday to wednesday, so I go dey return on thursday.
Acme: well no wahala then.
Me: thanks baba.
Mama had a brother leaving in Ita Kudimoh in Ilorin, he was her half brother from her mother. My grandma (mama’s mum) do visit Ilorin once in a while. So on one occasion I heard she was coming, so I visited her.

After telling her about my difficulties, she asked me to stay with my uncle and I was given a room. She instructed my uncle to give me #500 per day. Well, my grandma was a bit rich, she was a chief (Iyalode) in one of the villages in Eti-Osa in Lagos. (Refer to page 1 to find the name of the village)
Well the money was regular at first, but I wasn’t comfortable staying there, the area was local and there was no one of like mind to mingle with. Soon the money stopped, and I was still trying to cope.
A friend of mine told me there is an accommodation for rent in Tanke Oke-Odo, very close to school, he said the room had been paid for but the owner need someone to scout with. I was happy has I only need to pay the owner half of what the room cost. Called my uncle at Adeniji, called my grandma, and in some couple of weeks the money came.
So I relocated to Gotham City in Oke-Odo.
Ife was better now, infact it was as if she had never been ill, mama on the other hand became a hospital major, no month passed without her not getting admitted nor giving blood. I couldn’t call home for money, I was at the mercy of friends, I couldn’t buy course materials, my program was suffering.
Well, my room was already with a bed and carpet. So I didn’t have to spend on any of that. There was pot, stove, a two-laoder CD player, so I was quiet comfortable. My new room mate name was Dav.
Dav was tall, huge and calm, he hate girls or should I say lack confidence in talking to girls, in the lodge was SK, a very understanding guy, JK(may her soul rest in peace) a very stingy young lady,(we kinda dated along the line), NK was JK’s room mate, we had Rudeboy and Salau also, Feli and YT where roommates too, finally we had Bd and loret. Well Gotham was another fun filled house, but that’s a story for another day, although some names from here will still appear in the story later, hence the little introduction.
First sememster exam was here, mama was still terribly sick, albeit I don’t know the extent, I only get few details on phone. I had no food, no money and no one to talk to. Exam came and the result was terrible, wasn’t surprise cause my mind wasn’t focused anymore. Immediately after the exam, I was back home to see mama.***********************************
Ife and I became kinda distant, maybe I wasn’t caring enough, or maybe I wasn’t spending enough time with her. Well how could I be caring when I am broke, how could I give attention when something else had beclouded my mind. I was on my own, pocket drained, GP draining, and mama wailing.***********************
Got home and again, Mama was has little has a baby, I was told Mrs Id came back from her mountain with a kind off white sand, she was asked to pour it in the water she’s to drink, she did and well, no one knows the impact its having.
I was told my grandma had sent someone to come bring her to the village, but she refused, and that caused a big fight between grandma and Dad. Grandma was of the opinion that it was dad who told her no to come. Well mum was a devout christian, grandma was an Ahlaja, but Also an Iyalode (if you know what that means) well for my non yoruba readers, Iyalode is the head of all women in a community, she is regarded as a man in the midst of women. So mama was sceptical about going to the village.
Tos was writing her WAEC by now, well she had missed school so much and we just hope she finds favor. So it was my duty to take care of mama.
Every morning I bath her in the room, brush her teeth, dressed the over expanding wound, stuff the wound with tissue, change the tissue regularly and feed her. Mama was helpless. Of the 3weeks I spent I lagos, two of it was in the hospital with her. The news by now had gotten to all her family, and so they all come around bringing money. The church was ever present and they where all hopeful, but I was losing hope and coming to terms that this might not end well, I stopped praying, and told God to do what he likes since he is God.***************************************
Sorry guys, my Ba3 is kinda low, so lemme just update this before it dies. Sorry it was short. Amma charge and give superlong one soon.