CANCER… (True Life Story)… Part 10

We could only get one of the 3 drugs the doctor prescribed and we went to the lab to get the xray and mammogram done, we were told to come back on thursday, because the machine is not in the best of condition.
By monday, first semester break was over and Shade, Sherifat and Ife couldn’t wait for my arrival, thank God Fernando Flatscreeno no get my number.
I made sure mama went for the scan and then meet the appoint with the doctor the next tuesday.
At this stage mama always have a handkerchief to cover the cleavage of her swollen Bosom, cause the lump had increased and deformed the Bosom..
After her appointment with the doc, he complained that she has a shortage of blood,that the cancer is drying ha blood so she need to go for blood transfusion.
The doctor advised she do that in a private hospital cause govt hospital can over delay and its an urgent need.
So by thursday Mama returned to lobel hospital where she was given four pint of blood.
By sunday she was back home looking healthier and fresher. I told her I will be returning to school on tuesday after her appointment with the doctor. She asked if I had money on me, I told her not to worry that I will be fine.
On tuesday has I made sure mama was on her way to Lasuth, I packed my bags and off to the state of harmony….

Off to the state of Harmony
Got to Oshodi park around 12pm, and as usual, yours faithfully sat close to a pretty young lady. By 1:15 our bus was out of the park. I called ife, told her I will be in Ilorin before 7 and I will be spending the night at her place.
Just some meters after Shagamu, our bus developed a fault, well, am not that good with cars, so I can’t really say what it was. We stayed at the same spot for more than an hour before we could continue the journey.
After another about 45minutes drive, the driver parked again telling us he wants a mechanic around the area to help him fix it well, so we won’t have any stoppages again.
While all this was on, I tried to start a conversation with the young lady by my side, one thing about me is am a shy guy, I really don’t know how to start a conversation, but when I do, am just gonna blow you away. Am not that handsome but am blessed with this foreign ascent which I acquired when I was trying to be a rapper in primary school, the ascent is so real that you would wonder if I have lived all my life abroad, but funny enough have not even escorted someone to the airport not to talk of going on my own.
I got to find out that her name was Titi she’s a student of Lautech Ogbomosho, we chatted well, exchanged numbers and we already plan on how to visit. Our conversation dint even let me know that the time was far spent. By that time it was already past 5 and we haven’t gotten to Ibadan, everyone in the bus were grumbling and shouting at the driver that he knows the condition of the car before putting it on the road.
The bus eventually moved but this time a Napep could travel faster than it, it was getting late and my line was buzzing with people asking where I av gotten to.
Along Iwo in osun state, the bus had another stop to the infuriation of the passengers. The driver came down, opened the door, got a big stone and placed it on the battery in front of the first seat, as I was seating close to the door, he said I should please place my leg on the stone, I was like wow, african technology.
To my surprise it worked and we didn’t have a stop again till Titi got down at Ogbomosho, but then it was almost 10pm.
We tried to continue the journey, but the headlight of the bus refuse to come up. Well our driver was fully prepared, so he brought out his torchlight, gave it to the man on the front seat, asked him to hold it out for him.
Here we are at the tiny Ogbomosho- Ilorin road with huge numbers of trucks and trailers without a headlight, can it get any worse?
Ife had called and she was dead worried by now, I told her I don’t think I will be able to make it to her place again.
We eventually entered Ilorin by past 12, I got down at General and had to trekked to Oko-Erin, thank god it was close by.
2nd semester was fun, the lodge was wonderful has usual, but pertaining to the two Ladies it was a very smooth 3 months. At the end of the semester, Acme called a meeting.
Acme: guys e don happen ooo
Tj: wetin happen
Acme: the landlord don give us quit notice ooo
Me: haaaa, wetin we do na
Acme: he said we don too plenty, and we no dey let them sleep for nyt, we too dey argue and shout and we too dey bring strange girls to his house
Me: that man no well
Acme: he gaves us a condition that only me and one other person could stay, he doesn’t want more than two occupants in the room.
Me: Baba no wahala, make we go home, by the time we dey come back, we will all be prepared
KC: Acme, u have done well, I just want to appreciate you for all the love and how you have accommodated us all
Acme: baba don mention, abeg e dey do me like say make we all pack go the same place again
By the time I got home after the semester, mama was unrecognisable again. She was so pale and white, I was scared to death, she was always lying down she can’t even seat straight for 10minutes, she was weak, I CRIED, I couldn’t hold back the tears, the Bosom was now very large and the lump had broken free and blood gushing out from the opening. Sometimes u wake up to see mucus coming out from the opening.
Every morning, we dress the wound, everyday she drinks a bottle of blood tonic, she was bleeding from the opening, and the opening was getting bigger and then on one tuesday something happened…