Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 9

Wha d’ fuk!….
After she hung up, i checkes my phone and she has already dropped a message on my wharsapp, it was thesame as what she just told me on phone. I realised she had already sent the message 30 minutes ago. Definitely she should be near. I presume.
I replied her message with

” i think we should meet at a neutral location first before visiting. You are even yet to know me in person” . Me myself…. Sharp guy, i hailed myself. She is online already and got my message instantly.
” okay where, since you dont want me to know your house”
Ha, see my life outside. I recieved a killer pass and im alrrady on offside!

See free toto, yet i cant bring her to my house. I cursed the day i allowed Bisi to visit.
I recieved her call some minutes later, she said she’s already at Ikeja city mall waiting.
” im will be unside kfc waiting, the sun is too much here.”
which kain devil be this one, me wey wan carry you go ‘ eeyi lobe Hotels and suites’
” oh good, i will meet you at kfc then”

dropped the call, who know what came on me, i strated sweating profusely… Was it because i ran so as not to keep her waiting, or because i was sure im gonna spend my HEI ( hard earned income ) on a lady i wont lash?
I got a face towel of 100 naira beforgetting there, i wiped my face as i got to the venue…

Kfc is a glass fenced resturant and i took my time to check round the whole inside to see someome who was sitting alone. I did this so as to be sure im not entering a trap Yetunde once set for me, dont worry will gist you about that later.

‘ I hope she is thesame lady i saw in the picture ‘ my thouhts keeps going up and down.
“hey” someone tapped me from the back.

I faced back and what i saw was a tall straight lady carrying a very long braid. She was on a Ray bans and all i kept seeing at that moment was that she is taller than me.

“Do you have any boyfriend at all”

“why is that the fisrt question you asked”

” i asked because you are too beautiful for someone to share alone, u, sure you will have 20 suutors daily” she laughed at my wit and asked one question that quizzed me.

” why don’t you want me to come to your house, really? She emphazised.
“ha,ha….ha.. You see, i dont want it to look like i am too eager to kiss you, moreso, i dont trust myself to let you go completely as you came”
” hian hian, will you eat me ”
we both laughed at this as the waiter interrupted our conversation.
“your bill sir”
I collected and checked. I kept starring at this small paper on my hand and i felt like farrting.
What i kept seeing is 6400 naira, i immediately flashed back into my account and all i had there was only 3000 naira.
‘Ha, temi bami’ ( im doomed).
The call that came into my phone made me alerted and realised the full implication of what came on me.

Next update…

“you must be stupwid to say thay, do you think we are playing here? Im calling the police.”

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