Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 7

Were ( mad man ), cant you count? Count those ones wey dey your front now.”Neyo said jokingly.
” so who come knock the door ”

i asked.
Neyo replied me…. ” o boy, as i opened the door i sae one huge guy, wey dey dressed like a security operative. I got scared just as i saw his figure. He came nearer and raised his hand up…. I was anticipating a slap when i got a pat at my back… My eyes were closed and i was still expecting a slap. The next i heard was a chorus laughter. I opened my eyes and realized we are 4 people un there already, two white ladies a black guy and myself.
“what is going on here” i asked
” jane, Tom will be here soon… Let’s go.” The second white lady ordered. she and Jane walked away, but she pecked me before she went away.
I was still mouth ajaw when they walked away before i was snapped out of my….. by this huge guy.
His name is Nathaniel, the guy told me he is from Ghana.
“do you know those ladies are the only daughters of the Mayor”? Nathan asked
I just met this girl and she is so fond of me, you don’t mean it that they are a Mayor’s daughter. ”
The call i recieved on my phone distracted our conversation…

“Hello” i spoke softly.
” Am i speaking with Mr Abiodun?, the owner of this phone got involved in an accident at Ilorin, she kept mentioning your name, so we had to call you”.
” Accident?, how is she doing please,…..” the call ended before i could finish what i was saying.
That was Bunmi’s phone, did they say she had an accident?
I called the number back and it was switched off. The time is already some minutes before 3am.
I was tensed… You know Bunmi said she was coming and i told her to come only if she agree to fund her coming and i will fund her going back.
She didnt agrer to the deal. She said she won’t come…

Why is she now in the hospital…. Also involved in an accident?

All this keeps running through my mind and i couldnt concrntrate any further. Neyo kept telling me to calm down.
I tried calling again and voiala!

The call went through….

Next update

“what is the name Of the hospital ?

The call hung up again.


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