Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 6

” Do you know i fuckked a mayor’s daughter at Minnesotta? see this was how it went down”

Neyo started narrating how he fuvked a mayor’s daughter at Minneaoplis.
” i got admitted into an instution immediately after my high school . I was very happy i got into a college at least. I couldn’t comprehend how to live my life there. It was rough, no friends just always on my own. I later broke through after some weeks. A girl came and asked which country i came from. I proudly told her i’m from Naija. Knowing fully well she would be proud to associate with me but nay…. She got disgusted and walked away without saying a word”
“na waa for you ooo, so you no fit form say na south Africa u for come?” i said.
” guy, i no know wetin dey sup that time now, i was young. Infact, had i told her i was from SA, i wouldnt have gotten a fvck from most of them”
” baba abeg continue, i dey feel u” i interjected.
” Immediately i told her i be naija guy, she started broadcasting it around and i got more hatred from most of my classmates. Bros, oyinbo na racist ooo. You won’t believe that anytime i sit with anyone i the class, they always move their seats away..
Not until one day i went into the library. After i picked up book to read, i looked for a seat to read. I didnt noticed i was sitting directly opposite a young lady. Immediately i realised a figure in front of me, i looked up and she was a white lady, she was deeply buried inside her study.

I cleared my throat to raise some attention. She looked up and caught my stare.
Me :”Hi”

Her : hmmmn.
After some minutes, she knocked the study desk and asked if i can explain something to her. I collected her book and realised it was only an easy one… Maybe she actually wanted to enter me. I explained and she thanked me. We exchanged contacts and we got talking.
Her name is Janet, we call her Jane.
Jane is always around me whenever we are in the campus, so fond of me.

Guy something happened one day… ( Neyo tapped me as he talked on ) i was at my dorm when u recieved a message from her, she said i should meet her inside the male’s toilet of our library.

Crazy girl, how did she managed to get into the Toilet. In no time i was dressed and i was off to the library. I got there and i saw that the library was crowded and full of more students.
I texted back telling her im sitted at a row just behind the administrative dock.

” come into the male’s gents ‘

i stood up with fear and obliged.

I moved with fear and got nearer. I heard some laughter and i paused, i listened very carefully and heard

” oh, oh ”

” yea, yea”

As if i disturbed an action, i immediately heard ‘hurgggggghhhh’ from a male voice. Seems the owner of the voice just cummmmed.
The voice i heard disturbed my attention…. It was Jane’s

‘Neyio’ she whispered. I moved closer to her and on getting to her grasp, she dragged me in and landed a kiss on my lips.. I never knew u don’t need to woo a white lady before fuvcking her. I was still earth deep in kisses when she started unbuckling my belt. She removed my diick and started stroking it… That got up in an instant and i started fondling her Bosom, whao! She’s got a succulent bobby indeed. I was already not intrested at her kisses anymore… But walahi ‘oyibo’ like kiss’ . At last i got freed from her kiss, my saliva is already dry. As if that was not enough, she went straight down to my ppeniss and put it into her mouth… Me,myself… Still not believing all the drama. So an oyibo lady dey use her pink lips suck my dickkk. Chai, life is sweet!

Still deep in my tought, what brought me back was the run of blood throughout my body…. Eh, it was as if many snakes are running in my body…. I was cummming. I jerked and threw the whole thing into her

mouth….. This girl bad… O Boy, you no go believe say the girl swallowed my spperm.
My dicck was not as strong as much again… And she noticed that… She started stroking again and i stood up whilst doing that…. She hugged me and put her tongue into my ear and the my dead diickk rose.

She turned immediately holding the wall and raised her skirts… Alas! She was not wearing any panties, For the very first time i was seeing a white lady’s Kittycat live. The clits were redish and i wasted no time. I let through my strong dicckk into her all wet pussay, she jumped up immediately as my dicck got the penetration… She said ‘No, Neyio, you gotta eat me’. What! I screamed and was about pulling my trousers up when she said ‘ ok, ok… Just fvuk me’

i wasted no time, i let losr the full strenght of my pistol dicck into hee reddish pussay, i fuvcked and thrusted till i realised she was already pouring whithish substance from her pussay, at the same time chocking. I removed it and she screamed out so loud.
I got so scared and asked her why…. She was still recovering from the semi- marathon fuvk and couldnt say a word. I helped her wore her cloths. I was still trying to clean my belt buckle when i heard
‘gbam, gbam, gbam’

” open up now ” The thick male voice ordered. I got scared immediately.

It immediately dawn on me that im gonna go to jail. Worst, um gonna get deported back home…. I remembered you and imagined you laughing hard and making jest of me.”

We both laughed at the interjection he made about me. Neyo ordered another set of drinks and i realised we had both gulped eight bottles of green bottled beer.

” Neyo, na you drink the whole seven “? I asked
” Were ( mad man ), cant you count? Count..


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