Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 3

Have you ever liicked plate before?
Yes u heard me right… Eat a lady’s  pussay. …
It all started from there.
Neyo and I were just 14 and 13 years old respectively, before Niyi left to meet his dad in the states.

“Omo, I just came back yesterday. I asked about you from your dad and he said you dey lag. Which side you dey for Lag sef?”
“Ojota” I answered

Okay I will call you with my number”
And the call dropped.
It was still as if I just received a call from a ghost.
It’s been a long time. Niyi, my best friend. I need to slap that idiott the next time I meet him in person.
He traveled and I got to hear that from his grandma. He couldn’t even call or search for me since almost 17 years ago.
My preek was deflated already and I’m sure success is out of her mood. Who knows if I can still get her to fvck me?
“matt…. My, my babee”
I was just about to call her ‘matter’ again before i remrmbered what i passed through the night.
” you dont even bother asking who called me”? I asked her.
“Come first” she said with a very low tone.

I moved nearer to her and she dragged me to the bed where she was already lying.

She landed a kiss on my Tip and my dicck got up instantly. It tickled me while she switched over the both Tips without chocking… I was already as strong as a molten magma. I could wait no further, i raised her right leg up and i was faced with a clean shaved pussay. I moved my head down nd landed my head on her clits. I licked it and pushed my tongue further inside her vaginal, alas! It was warm and very meaty. I had a good time licking her ‘gates of heaven’.

Meanwhile, i was busy in between my ‘matter’s legs…. I was also busy using my right hand playing with her breasts. She has a very wholly Tip.

It was not even up to 5 minutes if i was checking the time…. I realised Success was jerking as if something was vibrating her. I wonder why i havent chocked all this while my head was buried there. Her pussyy started bringing out some whitish substance.

“oh babe, u re making me Pour” she moaned while still jerking.


I got up immediately and carefully placed my already diick inside her warm pussyy.
“Haaa” in a very angelic singing mode.. That was Success moaning into my ears.

I was busy banging her in a missionary style…. I digged her for some while and not quite long, i got some movement around my waist…. Chai i will cuum soon. I later tried to remove myself from her and either pour my akamu on the bed… Was when i discovered Success is wrapping her legs around my waist… I couldnt move . I tried moving but couldnt. At last i was able to break out, but unfortunate, i had poured all my expensive akamu into her. I was angry with her but was also happy with the experience i had.

” you cant even cuddle me” she said softly… I was alreadt angry and happy, so with her i was angry… I didnt answer her, i was trying to get my wat to the fridge to get a chilled water.

Let me digress… One question guys… Why is it that some of us get angry or lose affection with our S£x patner immediately after we cumm? Why?
As of that moment, i was angry and disgusted at all her shape… foolish me, i love all i was seeing some 15 minutes ago oo.
I found my way into my fridge, got a chilled water and gulped it, that was when i realised i might not even last another 10 minutes if not for the water.

” i will be going today” she said as she

moved her arse off my bed.

Immediately i remembered all i had in my account was 10k.
I had promised her 6k before she came for 6 days.
“But why u no tell me before”?

I probed.

“My friend called that i have to attend a lecture, its very important ” she answered.
“okay no wahala” i said as i went into the shower.
I told her i want to visit the bank ATM to withdraw some cash to give to her. She obliged and i left the room.
Emi funrara mi ( me myself ). I was already thinking of what gimmick i will use on her to make her go without giving her a dime.
Next update…
“what nonsense, why wont you give me anything for my t fare”

” wetin make fowl dey shiit, no dey wee i go show you today” Before i knew it… She was already shouting on top of her voice.
“you see, people are knocking my door Already knocking.



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