Story: Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 2

Written By Drabeey…
I dropped my spoon and went to her , I dropped on my knees immediately I got to her position,
’’ Success now, pls, okay I promise it won’t happen again, I swear”

I was about swearing on my papa’s grave just as I always see in those nollywood movies, before I remembered my papa is hale are hearty and very much alive. I then said “I swear with all I have, I beg Really, Kongi na bastard.

“stand up,I said stand up” success ordered. I stood up and landed a kiss on her thick lips…

Have u ever fucvked a lady with thick booty and thick lips before?

success is real damsel, I started moving the wall of Jericho and scrolling through the mountain at her back-side with my hands squeezing them like my success lies inside the yansh.

In no time we are already on the floor, she removed my peniss and inserted it into her mouth, she pumped it and I felt as if I already was in paradise. I dont know why she hates chocolate…. See, i will give u one orijo..
Buy a lady an ice cream and watcg how she licks it… That is the way she’ll lick your prick.

I held her hair tight to help the friction of my pennies go smooth, I was still closing my eyes when she stood up and moved her Buttocks-side to my preek position she was about inserting my hard long rod into her red sea when my phone rang. Chai! that was my father calling….. you can now all see why hissed while I picked his call.

“Hello Abey”, the voice was not my father’s own “Hello I answered, “who is this”, replied. “Ode (fool), so you don’t recognize my voice again ba?” the voice said, “wait oo, wait oo, Neyo” The voice laughed at me on phone and then I remembered my childhood friend, Niyi.
Niyi and I grew up together at Oke-Ado before he travelled down to the states, but one thing we both do then is to share everything together including cloths. We live on the same street and we are always doing everything together. Infact, we got disflowered together by same person.