Story: Adventures Of A Stingy S£x Addicts… Episode 16

She reavealed she has been in Lagos since a month now and only wanted to get some money from me….
“but who have you been with” i queried.
“I was with my friend” she answered shyly.
I made her know that was an expensive joke she played on me. Nonetheless, i wouldn’t want to be too harsh on her.

I no fit shout, i S£x starved.
We talked in length that day and i was so happy too. Two things complemented my happiness. One was that i have a new pussay waiting for me and also, i got my salary alert that day. Goduwin!
Butnmi is this kind of lady that have a small body yet has a massive yansh. Long yansh and some succulent milk industry to complement it. Above all she is a powerful superb kisser. If they award degree in fuckinology, Bunmi should be close to getting one.
She gave me the tip of the iceberg that day she came. I had ordered a bottle of coke and that was already chilling in my fridge before she came. After she had dropped her bag. She sat down a bit. We were staring at each other and i dont even know what to say, all i had in my mind was how one idiot had been bathing and swimming in her pussay all this while. I had even forgotten Bisi ever existed.

She broke the ice when she asked if she could take her bath, that was when i recalled that i should have even offered her drinks.

“Yes, you can take off your cloths here or inside the bathroom. I will be outside, all me if you need anything”. She said okay and i left the room.
After maybe 5 minutes, i got her call, i was outside playing candy crush on my phone. I didnt pick it. I went inside. I knocked at my own door and the voice ordered me to come in. I entered and immediately rushed back outside.

“oh sorry” i pleaded.

” come in now ” she ordered again…. That was when i went back inside hoping she had covered herself up, but nay, she was still unclad. I was left to see all her Bosom and massive hips. She is really a figure 8. That Bosom were as if no one had touched it before. Bunmi had already gone into the fridge and was already about to finish a can of ‘black bullet’.

” ha, that one is alcoholic oo” i screamed.

She looked at it and immediately gulped the remaining. I couldn’t imagine what i was seeing but that was Bunmi drinking an alcoholic drink i wont dare finish in 4hours within 10minutes..

She asked me to get her soap that she cant find any soap in my lobby. I immediately remembered i had finished the soap earlier that day. I went into my wardrobe and brought out a new one.

” can you come help me with my back in there, i want you to help me scrub my back” . I nodded in affirmation. What could i have done, i dont even know what to say at that point.
You are a first timer in anything you have never done before and surely it must show. I went straight into the bath with her. “how can you come into a bathroom with your cloths on” she said as she was about pouring water on herself. Na waa ooo, no be you wan bath? Wetin com concern my own…. I was still trying to figure out why i should have removed my cloths though, was when it dawned on me that, Bunmi had wanted us to bath together, see green light!. I rushed back into the room, removed my cloths and let my dangling penniss jingle after me as i bounced into the bathroom.
She already applied soap on her face. I had a good of Bunmi’s arse from the rear. How could i have managed to secure Bunmi. ‘Abiodun the great’! I hailed myself inside my mind and felt some ego in me.

I moved nearer as the water splashed on my body… I held her two Bosom from behind, lo and behold i felt the art of smoothness, the tenderness of her Bosom was all a man should crave for. I realised what Wordsworth could have been feeling when he wrote about him adoring the coy mistress’s Bosom for 10 years each! Maybe he wasnt exagerating, if i was asked then too, i would have said same. Bunmi’s Bosom was a prayer point to every man out there. My penniss touched her arse and i felt a surge all over my body as if i just stepped on a live wire, those cheeks are strong and ‘pillowish’.

Immediately she felt my strong diick on her arse, she turned around facing me and landed a kiss on my lips. She kisses more better than my ‘matter’. She was already stroking my ‘third leg’ while still on a kiss romp. When im not Jesus, who could have lived 33 years on earth and not touch a woman, me ke! I handled her Bosom like i was holding the handle of a bike. She moaned amd whispered something into my ears. ” i hate when you squeez my Bosom ” it was as if i heard from a ghost. Oh, i see why those Bosom were still firm. “please fuckk me” Bunmi said. She was not even wasting time, she had already bent down under the shower. All thanks to the steady water supply, the shower kept rushing adding to the good sensational moment.

Ye! See better pussay begging me to devour….. I tiptoed and located the pussay hole from behind, alas! I discovered it without much wahala. I slowly penetrated and at last i was in, what could be sweeter than entering a girl’s pussay from behind. Nothing! Oh, maybe entering into paradise, but i dont know that yet. Let God allow me into paradise so that i can feel the difference between the two. All these stupid thoughts on my mind, it was not even up to 3 minutes after i had gone in before i shot my cumm into her Kittycat.

Quick digression, guys why is it that we always feel bad whenever we ej@culated pre-maturely? Is the fun of S£x not only when we shoot our fluid?

Well, i felt so bad and i dont even