See What Kemi Olunloyo Did For Naira Marley Who Is Still In Jail



A lot of Nigerians are still shocked that Naira Marley remains in prison, despite having been granted bail. The reactions from concerned people have gotten the attention of Naira Marley and also that of the renowned journalist Kemi Olunloyo, who already has some experience where prison matters are concerned. She came out to defend him on her Instagram handle and revealed a lot of shocking details

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Kemi Olunloyo’s message cleared a lot of misinformation about why Naira Marley still remains in prison custody. Naira Marley fans had declared  May 30th – The day Naira Marley was granted bail, as “Naira Marley Day”, so it was quite disappointing that after such a massive hype, their hero is still behind bars. One particular fan’s reaction went viral, the person said   “No Lagos state Level 10 and above civil service officer with landed properties has agreed to stand as surety for him, due to his alleged criminal records.”

The ignorance displayed in the post is what  provoked Kemi Olunloyo’s reaction.  She said “Lies! #AwonOde All the sureties are ready. Mine was level 10 too. They just need to be VERIFIED! It took 7 weeks to verify my sureties and process the bail I had to call out the Deputy court register Memunat Folami who sat on my files with every excuse. Google her name and Sahara Reporters. Same way Linda Ikeji told Punch she paid my Bail when I was “languishing” in prison.

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“Know the facts! Bail April 10th, left June 5th. My 3rd arrest no sureties for 90 days. They were all scared I will flee the country as told by my fired lawyer Lawal. Aguma is dead, Robert is dead. Iyabo, God is coming to wrap you in his arms soon. Video is on my story. All of you ppl abusing @nairamarley may be NEXT. Prison will be your portion soon instead of fighting the system that’s scapegoating an innocent young man. Fake ACTIVISTS everywhere.”

The post was reposted on Naira Marley’s Instagram story, confirming Kemi Olunloyo’s words. So incase you didn’t get the memo. Yes Naira Marley is still in prison, but its not because of lack of connection or sureties. The officials just need time for verification.

Kemi Olunloyo has been Naira Marley’s number 1 supporter through this whole saga and she doesn’t plan on stopping. On her page, she wrote “Do you know that Naira Marley will be set free and the EFCC will eventually have a youth board? ”

See the post below…

Why does Kemi Olunloyo care so much about Naira Marley, while she trolls almost every other celebrity? Share your thoughts in the comment section below


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