AMAZING!! See What This NigerianMan Did After He Received N1million That Was Mistakenly Transferred To Him

During the past week, a Nigerian Man, Otuto Ekekwe was in search of the person who he’d mistakenly transferred a million Naira to and the person transferred the money back.

The individual who was thought to be a woman has finally come out of the dark and spoken on how his good deeds brought him to limelight.

According to Tobi Abikoye, he had only N369 in his account before he got the alert of N1million, he said many thoughts came ringing in his mind but he decided to be calm and he is glad of the outcome.

He certainly has earned himself a well reserved respect with his selfless action.

He wrote,

And i made it to the news

Thank God for His grace. on the said date, i just withdrew my last available balance leaving me with just N369. And alas i got alert of N1million, you can imagine the different thoughts that came to my mind , but i had to keep calm, and thank God for how it all turned out. Its good to be good.



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