NIGERIA @ 60YEARS: An Under-developed Country To A Pseudo-developing Country

IMG 20201110 WA0337 300x186 - NIGERIA @ 60YEARS: An Under-developed Country To A Pseudo-developing CountryMany would have been wondering why I haven’t written anything about our Government’s ineptitude, the Nigerian politics, the catastrophe that had befallen Nigeria and most especially, the fiasco of our queer leaders for a very long time. Well, I gave myself a break and I haven’t even ‘recuperated’, as I was ‘sick and tired’ of all the entangled problems the citizens of Nigeria faces every time, and how it’s indirectly reducing our life span.

I woke up today, listening to the song of the great legend, late Fęlá Aníkúlápó-Kútì and I kept wondering if it’s a crime to be born in Nigeria and hope we won’t later be ”punished” in heaven, for “dying as Nigerians”. Conceivably, I should put the blame on the generation I found myself, the generation of temptation, plethora of unemployment, cybercrime, killings and a lot of DISEASES Nigeria is battling with.

images - NIGERIA @ 60YEARS: An Under-developed Country To A Pseudo-developing Country

To be freehearted, Nigeria is infected with an incurable disease, an economically beleaguered nation of centrifugal and benighted leaders. My own country of unscalable voracious cabal, with the amalgamation of unfeigned and unctuous citizens.

The great “giant of Africa” with ginormous blessings is no more upright, she’s now crawling at the age of fifty nine. Does it even make sense that the citizens are still cuddling with their chains and are now stagnated? Is it even commonsensible that, fighting for the emancipation of Nigerians is now a crime, when nothing is changing? Is it not obvious that it is a sign of asininity?

I still find it hard to fathom, if we truly have a defunct leader or not, a leader who doesn’t understand the meaning of CHANGE, neither does he want the CHANGE he proposed.

Nigeria is now sixty years old, if a man clocks such an age, and yet continues to exhibit unwonted and crises-prone tendencies which leave his neighbors with concerns. It would be needless to place hope in such a man. The economy is so bad that, writing something about anything good is rare. We tend to notice the bad things in Nigeria, as the goods things are infinitesimal.

In this century, majority of the citizens of Nigeria still feed once a day, the last drop of milk of human kindness is dried up, many youths are now looking for means to make money at all cost. Police harassment won’t let us rest, we knew what xenophobic attack did to Nigerians in diaspora last month, and we have leaders, otiose ones, to be explicit. What a set of dysfunctional leaders!

Technically, I may not understand the intricacies and implications of our economic buoyancy, but the revelations once made by the current tyrannical leader have shown that all along, the wealth of the country was being shared among the microscopic few who happened to be close or distant relations or friends or cronies. Our wealth does not go round.

Honestly speaking, are we not prayerful in this nation? Should religion even be the last resort, when everything is no more working?

It’s still kind of horizonless, that we have had about fifteen presidents, right from when we were colonized till when Nigeria citizens started mounting the ‘power pulpit‘ to lead us, as fellow Nigerians, as fellow Africans and there is still nothing to show for it, since 1960. What an unfortunate nation!

Let’s assess ourselves; what are our contributions for the betterment of this nation?Have we ever for once worked with an NGO? What have we done so far? Are the leaders only the problem of this country? Has the country not truly graduated from an under-developing country to a pseudo-developing one? What is the way forward, fellow Nigerians?


Written by Ridwan Adeosun

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