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She sat on the bed and smiled,
“I know” was her reply.
“I just like you!” she added.

“And what makes you think I don’t have a boyfriend?”
I asked with a Grin.

“I know you don’t, you look too innocent” she said and Laughed.

we talked about a lot, I got to know her, and she was a nice person.
An hour later, I got up to leave.

“So soon?” she asked.

“Yes dear”

She stood up, came to where I was, placed her two palms on my cheek, and stared at me for about 30 seconds.
Then Kissed me, and hugged me afterwards.

*She’s tangled in the fact that she loves me, personally I knew it wasn’t love, just Obsession fueled by Admiration. Before the competition she wouldn’t have noticed someone like me*

we walked down the stairs, I met her Mum in the sitting room, I told her I’ll be leaving.
Then I left. I had barely gotten out of the Building, when my phone beeped, I checked it, it was a message, a bank Alert actually, 100k had been deposited in my Account.
I called Capon, to inform him i had gotten my own share.

I arrive home about 6pm, I checked on Ibro, I met him and Jennifer, all intertwined like two love birds.

I greeted them, and walked to my room, I prepared something to eat, ate and was reading my books, exams was just 2 weeks ahead.
My phone beeped, it was Amarachi!.
“Jeff, Jeff, Jeff!” she said.

“How many times did I call you”

“Thrice” i replied.

“So you mean you went the whole weekend,without hearing from me or seeing me.”

“I apologised”
“She had travelled home to Abia state, she neither informed me nor called me, she just expected me to care enough to find out” and I didn’t.

I was still reading in my room, when I heard people talking on top of their Voices.

It was coming from Ibro’s room,

“Give me your phone!” Ibro said to Jennifer.
“No I won’t! Don’t you trust me?” Jennifer replied

“Yes I don’t!” he replied

She broke in tears, took her bag and left.

I was just standing there by the door, I walked in and asked Ibro what the problem was.

“we were both lying on the bed, One of her Lovers called her, I was very close to her, she thought I didn’t hear what they were saying, the guy on the other end, was saying ” I love you”
and she responded with “Thank you”, the guy later said ‘won’t you say you love me too’, then she ended the call. I picked up the phone immediately and checked her last received call, I saw ‘My desire’. She instantly Snatched the phone from my hand”.

He broke down in tears after sharing the incidence
I consoled him, and told him everything will be Alright.
i was thinking whether to tell him how she made an Approach towards me. But I decided to keep it to myself.

I took his Phone, Copied her number! to my phone and left his room.
I couldn’t continue reading, I just slept off.

Sandra was Discharged on the Friday of that week, I was informed a forehand.
So I skipped class that day, her parents drove us to her hostel and dropped her there.
” Can I speak with you in private?” Sandra’s Dad said, to me

“Yes” I replied.
We walked out, as we strolled, he began, with his hands hooked around his back.

“Son, before this moment, I never liked seeing any boy around my daughter” he said and paused.

“But you changed that, you showed me there are still few responsible youths out there, and I will forever appreciate what you did for my daughter”
I didn’t reply, and I guess he didn’t expect me to say anything too.

“Please take care of Sandra”

“I will sir” I replied

We both walked back to the hostel, Sandra’s Parents left. I stayed with Sandra, almost all through the day, i prepared lunch for her, I made her laugh too.
I left, she didn’t want to let me go actually. But I eventually left.

After 3 days of Silence I decided to call Grace,
“You almost failed your test” she said

“What test?” I asked, puzzled.

“well I intentionally didn’t call you, I was expecting you to call”

I laughed, because, we haven’t even had anything going on yet and I was already getting tests.
“Come over to my house, I have a Surprise for you” She said.