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Must Read: Jide!!! …. Part 18


Must Read: Jide!!! …. Part 18

If you missed part Seventeen yesterday read it HERE!!!

Later another lady came outside, with Nolly… One could tell she was in her late 20s. She approached me and introduced herself as Nolly’s elder sister…Rose.. I introduced myself as Jide… South Africans do not really fancy Nigerians, no matter how much or how handsome you are… but they had to play along because of Nolly…
We all sat down concentrating one the TV. Nolly came with rice, a large bowl of chicken with drinks [soft]… All these for me? I asked her… She didn’t reply, she just placed the large tray on my lap… To avoid embarrassment, I carried the food to the dining table, Nolly came to join me…. As much as I would have loved to devour the entire chicken, I had to park well. She sat in my front and stared at my face… This girl was still wearing the top that bears my name…. She was crazy in love, everybody could tell.
I didn’t waste time at all… Five minutes, I was done… I didn’t finish the thing as I would have loved too… but I still had a good catch.. She stood up, carried the plate back to the kitchen… she came back hurriedly..
Nolly: Baby, my dad is coming… you’re going to be meeting him soon….
Me: *I was so nervous at that statement.. and I could only wonder what kind of trouble I have gotten myself into* Okay..
Nolly: What’s wrong with you, why are you shaky?
Me: Why won’t I be, did you tell me about this before?
Nolly: Anyway just be yourself okay..
Me: What do you want me to do?
Nolly: Just calm down… don’t be too anxious Jide…*She laughs*
Me: Okay, I’ll be okay… I’ll be very okay in fact.

Five minutes later, this man came in… He was dark skinned, a little chubby, not to tall, basically average height… I approached him and prostrated flat on the ground.. That was Nolly’s dad…
Nolly’s dad: Common stand up, young man… What’s that for?
Me: Good day sir…. *I was standing, he told me to seat..*
Nolly’s dad: My daughter has spoken a lot about you… how you take good care of her…
Me: Yes sir, we take care of ourselves..
Nolly’s dad: Good! So how’s school? What exactly are you studying?
Me: School is good sir.. I’m studying Computer and Information Technology Sir..
Nolly’s dad: Oh that’s fantastic.. You just finish with at the right time, and I will take it over from there
***He stands up and walks away***
I’ve been given a job even when I’m just entering 200l…
Nolly came closer to me, rubbed my head with her hands… She took me by her hand as she stood up… We went upstairs, I saw may rooms as we walked several aisles.. We entered one of the rooms, it was Nolly’s. It was painted red..
Nobody needed to tell me that was her best colour… She locked the door, undressed in my presence and asked me to join her in the bathroom… I obliged as I needed chilled water on my body… I got Unclad also and followed her to the bath… We entered the bath that was already filled with soapy water… it was my first time, I entered after I saw how she was able to enter.. Our legs were on each other. She grabbed my demon from under the water and started playing with it… I replied by putting my hand on her bosoms.. And played with her Tips.. In no time, she was turned on… We got off the bath, with soap on our bodies, we started kissing…. I dragged her to the wall, rested her back on it, and kissed her like my life depended on it… She moaned slowly and quietly to prevent anyone from hearing…. I took her hand, and went for the bed… I laid her on the bed, spread her legs and started licking her core.

It was shaved and there was nothing that was going to stop me… after I slid in my demon into her, and started going up and down… I grinded her deep but slowly as she requested… so she won’t have to moan loud… We kissed as her core received my demon wholeheartedly, my hands found its way to her bosoms again, I tickled her Tips and kissed her neck… Our bodies rubbed against each other with no friction, after about 5 minutes, she came on top of me, sat on my demon and rode me like her Lambo. She started jumping up and down as our bodies clapped in happiness…. My hands were on our bosoms, I removed them and dragged her face closer to mine, and her bosoms were on my chest now…. I kissed her again on her lips… After another 5 minutes, she stood up, rested her bosoms on the bed and allowed my demon to attack her from behind… I rested my weight on her as I rammed her hard… She couldn’t help but moan…. I could feel some moist substances on my demon, she was moaning softly but continuously. I felt she had cummed… I held on to her bosoms as I rammed her hard from behind… I was nearing my own climax so I stood up… pulled her up and took her to the window side… I made her hold on to the window tight, she put her legs on my shoulder, I inserted my demon into her womanliness again, as I banged her… In no time, I shot all my load into her womb.. Hot as I could feel it go in with great accuracy…..
I just brought her down, and laid on the bed… I was exhausted.



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