In The Dark- A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival(SLBL)… Part 26

I stopped to run when my legs could no longer carry me. I looked behind me and i could no longer see my house, i was far away from home. I looked at the signpost in front of me and i saw “The Apostolic church of Nigeria”, A church was the last place i wanted to be, because i believed that the same God i danced and prayed to wholeheartedly in church some minutes ago made me fail my examination but the sun was shining too brightly and i could no longer take the effect on my skin. I slightly pushed the door to the church open and i entered into the church. The church was quiet since i was the only one there. I sat on one of the chairs and the event that took place few minutes ago with uncle mike came to my mind. The cause of the trouble was my failure, i looked at the image of Jesus on the Altar and i asked the image, why he did not perform a miracle and make me have a high score in the examination. I continue to think about my life, The adorable days i had with my family and the days of agony i was having without a family. Tears filled my eyes and i did not hold the tears back, it rushed down freely on my cheek. I stayed in the church for more than an hour, i found peace and comfort there but i could not stay there forever. I knew going back to uncle mike and his wife was not an option, so i decided to call khole and aunty oyinkan. I placed my hand into the pocket of my jean trouser to get my phone,but i could not find anything in my pocket apart from a squeezed #20. I was stranded again without a phone. Going to khole’s house would take me more than three hours, if i should trek down, so it was not an option for me. Jordan’s house was closer to my present destination and i should be there in the next one hour on foot. I stood up from the chair and said my prayer before leaving the church premises. It was not eassy to journey on foot but i was able to get to Jordan’s house weak and tired. I knocked on the huge gate and i heard a voice say “Who be that? I dey come o” from inside the house. I leaned on the gate and not long after, the gate man opened the smaller gate. He greeted me and i could tell he was surprise to see me. I thought it was because of my appearance but i was wrong. The gateman said “welcome aunty Nancy, when you con go change cloth again, shebi nah now you enter?” i did not understand what he was saying, i just asked if Jordan and his parent were home. “Oga Jordan never comot ever since you come nao and i don tell you before say mommy and daddy done travel” From his statement, the only thing i could understand was that, Jordan’s parent were not at home but Jordan was home. I was grateful for this because he was my last hope. I was hoping he would take me to khole’s house if i could not stay with him. I pushed the door to the main building open and it gave way. I entered the living room and called Jordan but i did not get a response. I stil remembered his room from the party, so i went upstairs to check for him, probably he will be in his room, i thought as i climbed the stairs. I was almost at the door of Jordan room when i heard voices, one of it sounded like the person was moaning. I moved closer to the door and i heard a female voice clearly. “Yea…. I cant believe you are this good baby…where have you been all my life….faster baby…..ohhhh….faster….i love you Jordan….” That was it! My heart started to beat fast. I came here to get a comforting shoulder but now my heart is breaking into a million pieces. I wanted to run out of the house but my spirit stopped me. My inner spirit wanted me to find out if he was really cheating or not. Who could he be cheating with? I asked myself and i suddenly remembered the gateman’s statement. He was insisting i was here before. O.M.G could it be Nelly?No….. It cant be. I thought of how betrayed i would feel if i should catch Jordan cheating with Nelly and i almost ran out of the house for my eyes not to see such act of Betrayal. But stil i wanted to find out the truth. I moved to the door and slowly opened it. I was a lady underneath Jordan, both Unclad.I looked closely and it was Nelly.I did not know when i screamed “Jesus!!!” and jordan jump off her, i could see his huge Joystick when he faced me, i did not have the time to look at Nelly as i ran out of the house. I ran outside and rushed to the gate, i could hear Jordan calling my name from behind but i did not stop. He has always been a disappointment and today he brooke my love and trust with his art of betrayal with a friend i once call sister. I kept on running even when i got outside their compound and i was too blind to see the car coming with full speed. I was in the middle of the road already and unable to reverse my step. Before i could say ‘Jerk!’ something bigger than me hit me from behind like a big rock and i felt my body brooke down into pieces. The last thing that came to my mind before going out of this world was “Men are simply Evil!!!”