In The Dark- A Story Of Love, Betrayal And Survival(SLBL)… Part 21

I took a public transport to school, it was a strange experience but not really a bad one. The only bad side of it was the driver stopping almost every five minutes for a passanger to highlight or to pick up a passanger,that made the journey slow. I got to school lately and literature class was on already. I greeted Miss.esther and settled down in an empty sit.The class ended shortly after my arrival and miss.esther said i should see her during lunch before she left.Most of my class mate offered their condolence and few of them tried to cheer me up. Nelly came for me during lunch,i did not go to the cafeteria so she came to my department. Nelly hugged me for a while and i felt love, she looked into my eyes with tears and concern and said “Twinny, how have you been? You look lean,what happened” i could not give nelly a respond, as tears started to roll down my cheek,she also started to cry. She engulfed me in a warm embrace as we both cried. Nelly brooke the embrace and took my hands,she promised to stay with me and i felt love again.I went to the cafeteria with nelly and had lunch which she paid for before i went to miss.esther’s office. Immediately she saw me, she covered the transparent container she was eating from and asked me to take a sit. Miss.esther moved closer to me and said “Nancy am sorry about your mom, please be strong.I noticed you were extremely late today, did you wake up late? Or were too sad to dress up? Please be strong and make yourself proud. You are a bright girl, that is why am been concerned” i could not answer miss. Esther’s questions, i just looked down at my feet as if it will produce answers. I gusse Miss. Esther noticed i was not willing to talk, she hugged me before i left her office for the general class. The general class ended and it was time to go back to hell, a place i once call home. While packing my bag Nelly came to me and said she informed her mom about my mood, , and she want me over for lunch.I did not want to go with her at first but she pleaded and i agreed. We left together in her car after packing my bag. Immediately we got to Nelly’s house, her mom rushed out and hugged me very tight, later She brooke the hug and looked into my eyes and said “How are you my child?” i could see the love and concern in her eyes, i told her i will be fine and she hugged me again. Mr.stanley was absent so i had lunch with Nelly and her mom. After lunch i went to nelly’s room and she involved me in different activities to cheer me up.We were stil swimming when my phone started to ring at the pool side, i checked the caller I.D and it was Jordan. I accepted his call and he went on and on to tell me how bussy he was, which is the reason he could not keep in touch, he apologised and i accepted his apology. Jordan promised to check on me and call me often. It was when i ended the call with Jordan that i checked the time on my phone, the time was 5:00pm. Nelly followed me as i rushed out of the pool and changed into my dress, i hurriedly said my goodbye and Mrs.Stanley ordered Nellys’ driver to take me home. I got home 5:45pm and rushed into the main building, i was about going into my room when aunty Nike shouted” where are you coming from?” i turned back,greeted her and told her i went to school. ” is your school not suppose to close by 2:00pm?” aunty nike said. I do not know where this question and answer will lead to but i was hoping not to get a slap again. ” After school i went to a friends’….” i was yet to finish the sentence when a slap landed on my left cheek. I held my cheek as hot tears rushed out of my eyes. Aunty Nike dragged me to my room and she started to search everywhere. She opened my bag and took my A.T.M card, she then searched my wardrobe, where i kept the money kelvin gave to me, immediately she saw the money she started shouting ” O.M.G so you have started stealing, i know you are spoilt i never knew you are a thief as well. Mike must hear this” she ended her ranting and left. I sat on my bed depressed but i could not cry anymore. Uncle mike arrived home 9:00PM, immediately i came out to greet him, aunty nike rushed at him and said ” Mike can you believe that nancy got home 8:00pm, she said she went to hangout with friends, and she stole my money, look at the fourty eight thousand i saw in her wardrobe”. Uncle mike was boiling with anger, he looked at me and said ” young lady,where did you get that money from? So you stole from my wife?” i was yet to answer his question when a hot slap landed on my cheek again. I was yet to recover from the slap, when uncle mike dragged me outside the house and said ” you have the guts to hangout with friends? You think you can go out and come back anytime you like? Tonight! you will hangout with the mosquitoes. You idiot!” Uncle mike left me outside and locked the door. I was left outside, in the dark alone with my fate.

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