Failure Starts When You Compare Yourself To Others – Eucharia Anunobi



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Actress turn pastor, Eucharia Anunobi has stated that failure begins the moment one starts comparing himself with others. The actress also stated that not wanting to start small because we feel we are too big is a recipe for failure.

Taking to her Instagram page, Eucharia Anunobi wrote:

“You shall not fail . But bear this in mind, when you compare yourself to others : failure has started, when you feel too big to start small : failure will become your twin, when you are not prepared for a project and you start :

failure will become an unending fragrance about you, when you enter a relationship just so you won’t be lonely, when the person in quote is really not who you desire : it means that your village people has pursued you to the city to waste you, when you waste money on irrelevant shopping just to appear up to date :failure will become the very breath in your lungs.

I prophesy with a holy anger over your destiny : Those waiting, watching and praying for you to fail shall be invited to your celebratory party : psalm 37 : 32.
This February every step towards your plans shall be favored. You will not miss it.
Go and succeed in Jesus powerful name.”

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